Saturday, August 27, 2005

Farewell dinner

Yesterday was quite a sad day I suppose.

Dearie and I had coca cola chicken for lunch. I won't say that the dish completely failed, but the pot was one hell of a job to clean. So much burnt coke stuck onto the pot. ARGH...

Dinner was at Kimchi Grandma at Carnegie. A farewell dinner for both Jason and Dearie. Alot of people turned up. Lets see, Dearie's IE project group, Dexter, Lawrence and Alan. 2 or 3 of Jason's friend, this guy we met at Gramphains (forgot his name :P), and 2 girl (forgot their names too. :P). Merry, our uni group orientation leader. Dearie's and Jason's friend, Calvin, Mr Z (this indian guy. :P), Eugene (ZR), June (ZR's gf), Eric. Ee Leng, Mun Yee, Maya and Jason's cousin (f0rgot name... ). And not forgetting Dearie's friend, Keng Wei and Jonathon. Let's say we had 21 people in Kimchi Grandma lah. :S

Had a feast again, one hot pot, bul-go-gi (pork, chicken and beef) and sweet potato noodles. And I'm going to grow FAT FAT FAT! HAI... Merry actually thought that I became skinnier! *blush* so shy... haha... but anyway... it didn't really felt like a farewell dinner. So many people. The atmosphere was just too noisy.

Sad... very sad... only 3 more days. :(


Anonymous said...

post picture ;p~

Tim said...

so, you get a "sweet chicken" ? nice meh ?