Saturday, July 16, 2005

School's starting on Monday

Gees, holidays really fly fast and I'm starting to feel the stress pouring in. Haha.. I guess it's the consequences of enjoying too much. But I shall take life as it comes, be it good or bad.

Heidi got injured last night. She hurt one of her legs while being overly excited and jumped around and don't know what she hit. Dearie and I were in the bedroom then. She whined so loudly for the whole night. We went to see what happened. Poor thing, she's in great pain and yet she wanted to stand up and licked me when she saw me. Her tail still wagging very fast. I just felt pain for her and "sayanged" her and tried to make her calm. But I guess she don't understand what I mean. Hope my housemates will help her heal her injury soon. She whined this morning too. Sighz...

I guess I will be back to my stressed life again on Monday and hear more complains from me. Haha... I love my holidays. Mom made me so happy. :) Love her.

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