Sunday, July 03, 2005

Just a quick update to what I had been doing.

Thursday night
Went to watch Batman Begins after having a heavy Beijing Hotpot dinner. The spread was so much and I'm amazed by how much guys can actually store into their stomach.

Collected some of the package that my parents sent me through my Dad's colleague in the afternoon. Items includes facial stuff, cleaning stuff, cotton buds and pocket tissues. Must be wondering why sent cotton buds and pocket tissues? That's because the cotton buds and pocket tissues are priced too high! Oh well...

At night, went for a buffet dinner at Crown with Dear's project mates and some of my groupmates. As usual, ate too much. Was really a good dinner though not all the food were nice. Not bad for a buffet lah. :)

Didn't do much... spent my morning cleaning the kitchen and living room. There was a minor power failure and Dear discovered that some of the wires from the main power box were burnt. By that time, it was almost 3pm. Haven't had lunch, went to Uku to have jap lunch. I had sushi while dear had beef rice bowl.

Went for project meeting while dear went to the gym to work out. Wanted to go to the city, but was too late and too sian by then.

Rented some DVDs like X-Men 2, Dragonball Z, Wedding planner, So close, Star Trek and Superman 2. Dear bought The Exorcist.

Had a simple dinner at home and watched X-Men 2.

Mom's coming to Melbourne! Yeah! Can't wait to see her. At the mean time, I shall just wait in excitement. Hee...

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sfee said...

Bat Man was GOOD HUH! :D