Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The recent naked blogger of Singapore?

What about it? Well, I just don't see what's the big fuse about it. It's the girl's life and she is also proud of her body which she dares to bare it all. In Singapore, such actions are pretty not "acceptable". Why? Because we have parents who are traditionally, and we also live in a world where reputation is very important. We cannot portray any image that is deemed to be "shameful" otherwise our future is ruin. It's sad lah. But that's reality. It's probably SPG lack of tact that brought such unneccessary fame to herself. Hence the BIG HOO HAA about it.

I heard about the Wan Bao wrote an article about it too. And wrongly put a picture of whom we know as the Singapore blogger, XiaXue, picture in the news as the naked blogger. I'm just wondering why was this mistake made? Was it because she editted SPG nude picture and put up on her own blog? She has made it clear that it wasn't her body, but why that accusation? I reckon is probably that she is too famous in the blogging world. Hence, all the attention, including the uncalled for, are given to her.

As for SPG, she has been too open about her sexual life. As seen from her blog, there's quite a number of sexual contents from people who are open about it. She finds nude photography are a form of art. Well, I've seen some and I don't neccesary feel that all are arty. But you know, everyone has different values and view about things. I'm towards the, you can say it, conservative. I don't think I will share these things so openly to the public. It's my life and I choose who I want to share it with. Nevertheless, I admire her "daringness" and openness which sadly is not open to the public in Singapore. But we all know that in our lifes, one day or another, we do have the experience that she has which was expressively expressed in her blog. She really a good writer I must say.

Xiaxue... what about her? I see where she gets her feminist character from. Apart from being an ex "ah-lian", she was also a NCC cadet. Gees... I was just surfing around on Friendster and I saw her! Hmmm... You would never thought that she was one based on her looks. Hehe.. As if I have the NCC look. Using her good command of English with a pinch of "Ah lianness", her writings never fails to make me laugh but not everything that she writes I agree. I'm the kind who is open, but not in the openess of SPG, and try to views things in all aspects. I guess those CLT stuff and IT has made me look at things that way. She never fails to impress me with her superb photoshop skills. Even as an IT person, I must say that she's GOOD... But I won't say that her IT skills are better than mine. LOLz... I'm not saying I'm good either! There are people who will always be better than you. I suggest she should just work as a reporter doing survey and commenting on things around. That's what she's good at. That's my opinion lah.

But from this "naked" incident, I should say that anyone who blogs, especially Singaporeans and Malaysians, have to be really careful of what you display. Blogs are not porn site and it gives the impression to, perhaps a reporter, the image of a REAL person's life. Be it shameless or not in our world. Ahh... Anyway, to reporters, I think you should really do your research proper before you accuse someone of doing something which they did not do. The person being accused is really POOR THING. What if the accused is you? Think about that yah?

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