Thursday, June 09, 2005


Yeah, that's her name. She's really a cute puppy. I forgot her breed. But I do know one thing... She likes to bite me! LOL... She's really playful, always wags her tail so fast and high, like she's very excited to see me. Oh well, I don't know.. Hmmm Don't know how to read dog language. hehe...

Oh, I managed to take a picture of her.. Because she followed me into my room when I came home.. Hehe.. So cute right?

Introducing my new housemate! Heidi! Posted by Hello

Besides that, spent the afternoon meeting up 2 friends and tried to study together. I just couldn't get anything into my head. Like I'm forever having a headache.. Sighz.. I wanna sleep.. I wanna have a GOOOOOD sleep...

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