Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy 21st Birthday Brother!

Ok ok, I know I wrote quite a lot today. But this entry is dedicated to my one and only little brother! No longer little...

Bonded by BLOOD... hehehe... Taken in 2001 I think. :P Posted by Hello

See the similarities? GRRRR.... Taken during my promotion and his passing out ceremony as a Cadet LT. I was his instructor then. Hehe.. I always can't stop laughing when he had to greet me everytime he saw me during his course. "Good Morning, Mdm!" Hehe... :P

That's my stupid brother... Covering his stupid face with fists. Haha.. Taken in 2004 I think. Posted by Hello

He says, "Talk to my hand while I chew and think" haha Posted by Hello

Right, those 2 pictures were taken on the second day I got my digicam. It was kinda taken before I left for Aussie land for my studies and he got to leave me with such picture for rememberance. Oh well.. That's my stupid brother....

Oh, he's still Single! Haha... (just a little advertisement for him) :P

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