Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Exams are over! Yippie!

I'm so glad that my horrible nightmares are over! Don't think I did very well... Sighz... Played with Heidi for a little while, while my housemate studies for her exam. She has a paper tomorrow and the day after. Oh, I should say that Heidi is becoming more and more mischievous. She likes to hide under my bed and sofa. As if we're playing hide and seek with her.

Oh oh! Just on Saturday as I was studying and opened the door, my housemates left their door opened and they were having lunch downstairs. Heidi followed me up to my room and I just do my own things like folding the laundry and minding my own business and of course, preventing Heidi from biting the wood off the window panel. She was just running across to my housemate's room and then back to my room, run here and there, sniffing for "Gold". Then run back to their room, (Oh, I forgot to mention that my housemate's room is just opposite mine. Like when I open my door, I see their door. Get the idea?) and rest for a while, then run back to my room. She did that a couple of times and I was about to go to the toilet for some relieve, I witness that she banged her own head at the door frame. She whined. And look so adorable. I don't know whether to feel pain for her or to laugh. She just brings a lot of laughter for me in the house, although she's really naughty. Went to "sayang" her, like "asking" her if she's ok... But she just want to continue playing. My housemate came up after hearing the bang, let her walk back to the room, asking if she could walk straight. I know it's a bit strange to ask a dog how she's doing, but don't we all do if that were to happen to someone? Oh well....

Got Industrial project to do. So sian, and I'm feeling too lazy to start. Bleah... So.. went to read at SPG's blog and Xiaxua's blog. Seems like there's quite a lot of news on them. Have quite amount of comment to say. But, hmmm not really in the mood to do so now. Am quite sleepy and tired. Almost 3am now. Maybe will do so tomorrow... In summary, I find their blogs some what interesting and there's 2 distinct difference among these bloggers.


Florentina Maya Paramita said...

thx for your replies.. :P
it really makes me feel better :)

hehe.. my bday is the same day as ur IE presentation :P

treat u both la.. hehe..
[oops, I'm using my bf accent again.. hehe.. :P]

kAm said...

that silly doggie..aha