Wednesday, June 15, 2005

1 more to go and Heidi once again!

Had my first paper on Monday.. Web Interface Technology... Which the assignments I did myself... The programming assignment. MAN! The papers was difficult! Grrr... Yeah, I know I did the assignment.. But what the... We were asked about questions we didn't learn.. Ok, perhaps I forgot how to do open a text file, which I learnt a few years ago.. Still... Hai... ok... Was quite disappointed lah... And another question on Javascript... AH!!! Sheesh.. Ok, not that I don't know how to do... I just needed proper reference... I mean, come on.. A programming paper man.. and programming always need references from the Internet right? And you need to test your writen program to see if it's right.. (Ok, I'm quite sore.. But been acting like nothing's happened. Oh well.... I hope the assignments I did would be good enough to pull up all the marks. :(

Second paper on Tuesday.. Another HORRIBLE PAPER! That DAMN lecturer(yes when things goes wrong with the exam, blame the lecturer. But wait. listen to me...) He told us the topics that would come out for the exams. Ok, sounds good right? But wait... The questions that came out are like those that he didn't emphasize during lecture! Grr... What the right? The question is like asking "Describe the basic components and functions of the Wireless Infrastructure" And it's worth 20 marks! Ok, what am I complaining about right? The thing is the subject is Network Technology! Suppose to talk about technology... Ok, I mean the questions that came out are things that are little details he said during lecture and made it seems NOT important. Those that he emphasize so much didn't come out... Sore sore sore... :(

Anyway, on the brighter side... I have only one more paper to go.. that's on next Monday. I hope I won't have an another heartattack. This paper is more on using my own opinion, like a GP paper on strategy and management of Information Technology.

Oh, that naughty Heidi RAN into my room on Monday night! The night before one of my papers! She was so excited coming into a new room. Oh, did I mention Heidi is not mine? She's my housemates'. Then I decided to take a picture with her... And here it is... Sorry about my stupid face... Was really tired then...

Me and naughty little Heidi Posted by Hello

She came again last night and played around the room. So cute... I don't understand why she likes to jump around me... Her paws scratches! Hmmm... But her tail is always up and wagging.. Oh well... :)

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