Sunday, June 26, 2005

too bored and boliao......

Congratulations Alethea, you are...

'Xia Xue' Wendy Cheng of

You are a goddess/god. You've got the looks, the brains and the body. You have such an irreverent sense of humour, people listen to you religiously and worship the ground you walk on. On the other hand you can also be straightforward, blunt and very very controversial. That has the potential to offend many people, but of course you don't care, you just shoot. In the end, people either love you or hate you. Nothing in between.

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Congratulations Alethea, you are...

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You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn't know this. You're the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!

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Saturday, June 25, 2005


I'm just don't have the mood to blog much. Just feeling like shit that I don't know how to do database backup using ASP.NET and the database is mysql. Anyone out there who knows? I wish I had taken an easier task like doing add, update and delete functions of any sorts. I'm just wondering why I took it. I should have been the first to choose yah? BLEAH... Oh well... I just feel so sore... I feel so lousy that I can't solve the backup problem..

Somemore my client haven't reply my email whether he has registered for paypal so that I can implement it into my system. GRRR.... Things are not looking good... and I got no mood to do them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy 21st Birthday Brother!

Ok ok, I know I wrote quite a lot today. But this entry is dedicated to my one and only little brother! No longer little...

Bonded by BLOOD... hehehe... Taken in 2001 I think. :P Posted by Hello

See the similarities? GRRRR.... Taken during my promotion and his passing out ceremony as a Cadet LT. I was his instructor then. Hehe.. I always can't stop laughing when he had to greet me everytime he saw me during his course. "Good Morning, Mdm!" Hehe... :P

That's my stupid brother... Covering his stupid face with fists. Haha.. Taken in 2004 I think. Posted by Hello

He says, "Talk to my hand while I chew and think" haha Posted by Hello

Right, those 2 pictures were taken on the second day I got my digicam. It was kinda taken before I left for Aussie land for my studies and he got to leave me with such picture for rememberance. Oh well.. That's my stupid brother....

Oh, he's still Single! Haha... (just a little advertisement for him) :P

The recent naked blogger of Singapore?

What about it? Well, I just don't see what's the big fuse about it. It's the girl's life and she is also proud of her body which she dares to bare it all. In Singapore, such actions are pretty not "acceptable". Why? Because we have parents who are traditionally, and we also live in a world where reputation is very important. We cannot portray any image that is deemed to be "shameful" otherwise our future is ruin. It's sad lah. But that's reality. It's probably SPG lack of tact that brought such unneccessary fame to herself. Hence the BIG HOO HAA about it.

I heard about the Wan Bao wrote an article about it too. And wrongly put a picture of whom we know as the Singapore blogger, XiaXue, picture in the news as the naked blogger. I'm just wondering why was this mistake made? Was it because she editted SPG nude picture and put up on her own blog? She has made it clear that it wasn't her body, but why that accusation? I reckon is probably that she is too famous in the blogging world. Hence, all the attention, including the uncalled for, are given to her.

As for SPG, she has been too open about her sexual life. As seen from her blog, there's quite a number of sexual contents from people who are open about it. She finds nude photography are a form of art. Well, I've seen some and I don't neccesary feel that all are arty. But you know, everyone has different values and view about things. I'm towards the, you can say it, conservative. I don't think I will share these things so openly to the public. It's my life and I choose who I want to share it with. Nevertheless, I admire her "daringness" and openness which sadly is not open to the public in Singapore. But we all know that in our lifes, one day or another, we do have the experience that she has which was expressively expressed in her blog. She really a good writer I must say.

Xiaxue... what about her? I see where she gets her feminist character from. Apart from being an ex "ah-lian", she was also a NCC cadet. Gees... I was just surfing around on Friendster and I saw her! Hmmm... You would never thought that she was one based on her looks. Hehe.. As if I have the NCC look. Using her good command of English with a pinch of "Ah lianness", her writings never fails to make me laugh but not everything that she writes I agree. I'm the kind who is open, but not in the openess of SPG, and try to views things in all aspects. I guess those CLT stuff and IT has made me look at things that way. She never fails to impress me with her superb photoshop skills. Even as an IT person, I must say that she's GOOD... But I won't say that her IT skills are better than mine. LOLz... I'm not saying I'm good either! There are people who will always be better than you. I suggest she should just work as a reporter doing survey and commenting on things around. That's what she's good at. That's my opinion lah.

But from this "naked" incident, I should say that anyone who blogs, especially Singaporeans and Malaysians, have to be really careful of what you display. Blogs are not porn site and it gives the impression to, perhaps a reporter, the image of a REAL person's life. Be it shameless or not in our world. Ahh... Anyway, to reporters, I think you should really do your research proper before you accuse someone of doing something which they did not do. The person being accused is really POOR THING. What if the accused is you? Think about that yah?

Heidi Heidi...

It's been 2 days since the exams ended. And I'm just don't know what to do with my project. Reading the programming codes of another programmer. Sighz, quite hard quite hard... Still analysing and research on how to implement Paypal into my project. Just in case you don't know, my project is about Spy stuff for Kids. Yeah, it's a fun kiddy page as well as an ecommerce site where you can purchase spy toys for yourself/kids... So, of all things, I have to be in-charge of the e-commerce part. I should have taken just to Add, Update, Delete and View objects. Much easier.. Haha.. Oh well, I cannot be so bad to let those who didn't learn the language to do what I'm doing right? They will need some time to learn the language. Oh, I have already learnt the language and have been studying IT for almost 4 years now... BLEAH... I can do it! BLEAH... :P

Right, enough of whining and complains. LOLz... Back to Heidi... Kam... I shall now explain why Heidi is getting NAUGHTIER and NAUGHTIER...

I guess by now you know Heidi likes to bite me. Most of the time, because of the cold weather, I wear long sleeves and pants. So, when Heidi bites me, she will just bite my clothes and not my meat. But now... No...... If she knows that she's just biting your clothes, she will open her mouth again to bite your clothes and your flesh together! Yah.. Her mouth is THAT BIG now. Gees... Quite painful.. I mean, it's not so pain until you wanna cry, but it's that kind of pain that irritates you. Annoying sometimes. I will forgive her, since she's only a puppy.... Can hear her whining everyday when she's awake and locked up in my housemates room... Oh well...

Nevertheless, I like the attention that Heidi gives. haha.. That's all from me for now about Heidi...

I have been thinking about some things these days too. but too lazy to type them all out.. Haaa. See how lah, maybe I will write that soon.. Oh! I wrote that I will write about them in my previous entry... Heee... See how lah. :p


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Exams are over! Yippie!

I'm so glad that my horrible nightmares are over! Don't think I did very well... Sighz... Played with Heidi for a little while, while my housemate studies for her exam. She has a paper tomorrow and the day after. Oh, I should say that Heidi is becoming more and more mischievous. She likes to hide under my bed and sofa. As if we're playing hide and seek with her.

Oh oh! Just on Saturday as I was studying and opened the door, my housemates left their door opened and they were having lunch downstairs. Heidi followed me up to my room and I just do my own things like folding the laundry and minding my own business and of course, preventing Heidi from biting the wood off the window panel. She was just running across to my housemate's room and then back to my room, run here and there, sniffing for "Gold". Then run back to their room, (Oh, I forgot to mention that my housemate's room is just opposite mine. Like when I open my door, I see their door. Get the idea?) and rest for a while, then run back to my room. She did that a couple of times and I was about to go to the toilet for some relieve, I witness that she banged her own head at the door frame. She whined. And look so adorable. I don't know whether to feel pain for her or to laugh. She just brings a lot of laughter for me in the house, although she's really naughty. Went to "sayang" her, like "asking" her if she's ok... But she just want to continue playing. My housemate came up after hearing the bang, let her walk back to the room, asking if she could walk straight. I know it's a bit strange to ask a dog how she's doing, but don't we all do if that were to happen to someone? Oh well....

Got Industrial project to do. So sian, and I'm feeling too lazy to start. Bleah... So.. went to read at SPG's blog and Xiaxua's blog. Seems like there's quite a lot of news on them. Have quite amount of comment to say. But, hmmm not really in the mood to do so now. Am quite sleepy and tired. Almost 3am now. Maybe will do so tomorrow... In summary, I find their blogs some what interesting and there's 2 distinct difference among these bloggers.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm feeling quite happy today...

Why am I blogging when I'm suppose to be studying? I'm taking a break lah. Waiting for Dearie to come home have dinner with me.. Hmmm...

Hee... Oh, I didn't mention that cute little Heidi knocked my door and scratch the carpet outside my room on Monday? hee.. It was like she wanted to dig a hole and come into my room. So cute... She's such a dear... So adorably naughty. Hehe... Just now housemate happen to leave their room door open and I needed to go to the toilet, so I opened the door... And little Heidi came dashing into my room! Sheesh, I managed to stop her in time. Did what I had to do in the toilet, and she was outside waiting for me! Oh my goodness.... And when I opened my room door, she just dashed in! And walk here and there, don't know looking for what thing. Came to disturb me for a while... I don't know, but I think I kinda like her! Hehe.. see her cute face, and her tail is always wagging so fast and always up! But the only thing is she still likes to BITE ME!

Went to Uni with Dearie. He had to go for group meeting, to finish up their project. They will be having their final presentation on Monday. Working so hard... Oh well, at least when he comes home later, he will be enjoying a nice hot Bak Kut Teh. Hee... Cooked and boiled with love. Oh, why I went to Uni? I went to collect my assignment. Quite happy.. Got a HD(High Distinction) for my assignment. To think that I wouldn't score for it. Hee... But I think I screwed up the paper. sighz... :(

Came home... had my simple lunch. Ate an avocado with some honey. Yummy... Oh well... Watched a little TV and headed to read some notes.. Chatted with Liza, my IE (industrial experience) groupmate who is good in programming.. hehe. *Time for explotation!* hehe. Then found out that we need to finish all the codings that we had planned by 29 June. Sighz.. and need to do a lot of testing documents. ARGH! So much to do even after the exams. Sighz.. Sobz.. I wanna cry....

I'm quite lost about whether I should do honours. Half me say want to do(for paper and parents and for myself, self achievement, may not want to do Masters at the end of the day) and the other half say don't want to do (coz bf not doing, don't like Melbourne, SIAN of IT already, have plans to do Masters) Sighz.. This thought is quite sian... Oh well... Not to dampen my mood. I'm happy today. Got some mood to study.. which is good! hee...

One of my good friends just left for Singapore from Perth. I'm sure she will be enjoying soooo much when she touch down. sighz..

I miss home.. I miss you all my dear friends.......

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

1 more to go and Heidi once again!

Had my first paper on Monday.. Web Interface Technology... Which the assignments I did myself... The programming assignment. MAN! The papers was difficult! Grrr... Yeah, I know I did the assignment.. But what the... We were asked about questions we didn't learn.. Ok, perhaps I forgot how to do open a text file, which I learnt a few years ago.. Still... Hai... ok... Was quite disappointed lah... And another question on Javascript... AH!!! Sheesh.. Ok, not that I don't know how to do... I just needed proper reference... I mean, come on.. A programming paper man.. and programming always need references from the Internet right? And you need to test your writen program to see if it's right.. (Ok, I'm quite sore.. But been acting like nothing's happened. Oh well.... I hope the assignments I did would be good enough to pull up all the marks. :(

Second paper on Tuesday.. Another HORRIBLE PAPER! That DAMN lecturer(yes when things goes wrong with the exam, blame the lecturer. But wait. listen to me...) He told us the topics that would come out for the exams. Ok, sounds good right? But wait... The questions that came out are like those that he didn't emphasize during lecture! Grr... What the right? The question is like asking "Describe the basic components and functions of the Wireless Infrastructure" And it's worth 20 marks! Ok, what am I complaining about right? The thing is the subject is Network Technology! Suppose to talk about technology... Ok, I mean the questions that came out are things that are little details he said during lecture and made it seems NOT important. Those that he emphasize so much didn't come out... Sore sore sore... :(

Anyway, on the brighter side... I have only one more paper to go.. that's on next Monday. I hope I won't have an another heartattack. This paper is more on using my own opinion, like a GP paper on strategy and management of Information Technology.

Oh, that naughty Heidi RAN into my room on Monday night! The night before one of my papers! She was so excited coming into a new room. Oh, did I mention Heidi is not mine? She's my housemates'. Then I decided to take a picture with her... And here it is... Sorry about my stupid face... Was really tired then...

Me and naughty little Heidi Posted by Hello

She came again last night and played around the room. So cute... I don't understand why she likes to jump around me... Her paws scratches! Hmmm... But her tail is always up and wagging.. Oh well... :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Yeah, that's her name. She's really a cute puppy. I forgot her breed. But I do know one thing... She likes to bite me! LOL... She's really playful, always wags her tail so fast and high, like she's very excited to see me. Oh well, I don't know.. Hmmm Don't know how to read dog language. hehe...

Oh, I managed to take a picture of her.. Because she followed me into my room when I came home.. Hehe.. So cute right?

Introducing my new housemate! Heidi! Posted by Hello

Besides that, spent the afternoon meeting up 2 friends and tried to study together. I just couldn't get anything into my head. Like I'm forever having a headache.. Sighz.. I wanna sleep.. I wanna have a GOOOOOD sleep...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm so touched!

Dearie perhaps know that I will always on my computer in the morning to do whatever surfing I felt like doing.

This morning when I switched on my laptop from hibernating mode, an IE browser was right infront of me. It showed a simple java applet. It was really nice with rainbow colours going through the text... And I almost cried as I read what it said, "I luv u my dearie, my sugarbaby"

And it's his java exam today... All the best baby.. *muacks*

Monday, June 06, 2005

eXams are SO near...

I finally handed in my last assignment. It's a part 2 of the assignment which I did all by myself. The PHP one.. the Programming one... This time, the programming language used is ASP.NET... And I did it ALL by myself AGAIN. Had a little help from dearie when I got stuck.

I don't know if I can call myself a programmer... I'm not like my dearie who sits in front of the computer everyday and program. :S Oh well... I do hope that I will get a distinction for this assignment anyway... Oh... I got a High distinction for that PHP assignment.. YEah... hee..

Didn't feel like doing anything today... So... I just cooked a decent meal. Stir fry veggies with fish cake and black pepper chicken. But ended up I didn't have the appettite to eat. Dear ate. Had headaches and took 2 panadols and fell asleep... Until....

Dearie woke me up and said that he was hungry. Hehe... and it was already 7.30pm. We had left over from lunch.. So, I just went to buy chicken snizel box for dearie, and I had the veggies and black pepper chicken.

Kept the laundry, fold the laundry, watched dearie taking his night nap (he got exams tomorrow) and I just organised my subject notes... And now.... I'm suppose to be studying but I'm just feeling SOOOO lethaaaaaaaargic.................. Tired.... lazy... wanna sleep... Think I'm having gastric again.. coz didn't eat lunch... :(

BLEAH..... exam starts on 13 June, then 14 and last paper on 20. can't wait for exams to end....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Today... Lets see

Today was pretty boring.. As said before, I'm not really feeling well... I don't know the reason.

Anyway, evening was pretty nice... Dearie cooked dinner all by himself without any of my help! Well, I only cooked the rice. hehe... He cooked soy, honey chicken with garlic and stir fry veggies. I wasn't allow to help at all! I was ordered to go upstairs to the room and wait for him to finish cooking. Hee... Dinner was tasty with love. Of course, I washed up the dishes and whatever mess there is made by the Iron Chef. Hee...

Am now so tired... Doing just the interface of my programming. sheesh, I really don't know how I'm going to finish my assignment. Give me strength...........

Life is monotone

Just handed in an assignment on Tuesday. Feel relieve handing in that.. But still got another one due this coming friday. Sighz, don't know if I can finish it on time.

I haven't been cooking these days too. Have been eating out or some cereals.

Am still having headaches and stiff necks. Seriously, I dont know how I'm going to concentrate.. sighz...