Monday, May 16, 2005

What's the reason......

Sighz, I don't know why I'm eating more than I should... Shit.. How? Not that I'm eating fattening food. But yah, add up will be a lot of food will not be burnt by my body. Sighz... Oh no... How?

I'm eating even though I'm full! Die... I just feel like eating and eating and eating. Sighz... I think I'm in trouble man. :( I don't know why I'm always in the mood for food!

Lets see, like today, I had a curry puff and green tea in the morning before I left for supervisor meeting. I came back and had water and a Kellong's bar (which is 97% fat free). I cooked lunch... Had luncheon meat omellete, stir fry lettuce and black pepper pork. Only the omellete was fattening. hmmm.... I didn't use a lot of oil for cooking. :S After lunch, I even ate fruits! And lots of them. And I was not hungry. What am I doing siah.... Sighz... Had oranges and a lot of grapes. :( And my stomach is suffering now. What is this called? Sighz.....

And the worst thing is that I am boiling red bean soup now for dessert after dinner! Grrrr.... Ok, it is meant for my boyfriend, but I'm pretty sure that I will have some too. :S Sighz..... I don't want to put on weight.... :(

Is it due to winter is coming? But why isn't my boyfriend eating more? Or is it that I have too many assignments in mind? sighz... what's the reason what's the reason... :(

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