Sunday, May 22, 2005

Time to blog...

Alright, I've posted 2 recipes now. Do try them and let me know the results yah? So far, my results are pretty good I suppose. :)Edible that is. Haha.. Will cook when I'm back in Singapore and let you guys try yeah? Hehe... Hope I don't paiseh myself. :P


Anyway, time for blogging. Well, yesterday was quite a normal day I suppose. Spend my time at home doing nothing. Woke up late, internet was not working when I had the mood to do my research (damn internet). Ended up playing free cell and soliaire. Sighz... Played until dearie woke up. We both had our showers then went to cook lunch together. Cooked smoked cod fish baked in the oven with some capsicum and onions. Quite nice, a little too salty though. Maybe I should wash the cod for a while since smoked food are already quite salty. We cooked the canned pork ribs and dearie stir fry some xiao bai chai. He also cooked the rice. What I did? Just eat lor... Haha.. And stand there watched him cooked. Ok, I was the one who prepared the cod fish. Hmmm... Oh, we had left over potato carrot soup which had well mashed potatoes. Hehe... I like to boil my soups for a long time you see.. And since it was left over soup, yah, you know the result. I kinda liked the taste, but dearie didn't seem to like it too much. Oh well.. :p

Spent some cosy time together and later took an afternoon nap. Sighz, I've been sleeping too much these days. Don't know why I'm forever so tired. Anyway, by the time I woke up, (dearie woke up earlier than me to do his work...) it was 10.30pm. Oops... Hee... I didn't cook dinner somemore. And the worse part was that there was no meat to cook except for minced pork and some pork ribs. And I was TOO lazy to cook. Dearie ended up eating 2 packets of Indo Mee, and 2 fried eggs. There was some left over canned pork and soup. I had 2 fried eggs(dearie cooked them for me). Chatted with some friends without doing work.. Then lost the mood of doing work.. Haha.. Ended up falling asleep. BLEAH!


Haha, I guess the saying "save the best for last"? Yeah, Friday was a good day! Went to the city in the morning to meet my father's colleague to collect my package sent by my mom! Received a lot of Asian Gourmet Spices to cook Hainanse Chicken Rice, Thai Grill, Cantonese Chicken Mushroom and Cantonese Claypot Rice. Opps.. I guess I pretty much say how I manage to cook so much stuff too yah? Trust me, these spices are the key to many wonderful cooking. You have to trial and error to get the nice taste. Oh, that's how I cooked my chicken rice btw, with some modifications. Next time then I write it in my blog lah. I have yet to master the art of cooking the steam chicken. hehehe... :P

Anyway, I received 2 pairs of shoes too. Mom bought them for me. One is a nice slip on sandals from URS and another is a pair of heels from Charles and Keith. I like them very much. But sadly, the weather is a little colder now. Will find the chance to wear them though! Hehe.. In the name of vanity that is. Heee... Did I mention that the Charles and Keith here sells the shoes at like $60-$80++ per pair of shoes? Sheesh.. outrages right?

Dearie and I went around the city looking for a good facial scrub and body moisturiser for myself and facial cleanser for Dearie. Bought the Neutrogena Blackhead Remover Cleanser which scurbs the face and dearie bought the Neutrogena Anti-Acne Cleanser. I also bought the Ganier Body Cocoon moisturiser. Love it a lot. Love the smell too! We went on to a Pharmacy at Chinatown and Dearie bought a pimple gel and I got myself Mederma Gel to help rid of my scars as recommended by the pharmacist. After which, we headed back home because Dearie had group meeting while I had lessons in the evening.

After my evening lecture, Dearie met me in uni and we went to the city again. This time, we went to the city to catch a movie, Star Wars Episode III, the Revenge of the Sith. It was really a good movie. I enjoyed it very much. Just like the previous episodes. :) maybe I will ask dearie to download the previous episodes and refresh my memory again. Love the story. I think this episode is the best of all. Haha.. Maybe it's because I kinda forget the other episode what's it about. :P

I must say that Friday was a day for spending money. :P But it was an enjoyable day as well. Oh, we ended eating dinner at 1am. Hee... Had Hungry Jacks, which is known as Burger King back home. :)

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