Sunday, May 22, 2005

Recipe number 2 - Carrot and corn soup

Just a note for the Nasi Lemak, if you can use fresh coconut and squeeze the milk with some water, the milk will not be so thick, but the taste would be more fragrant. If I'm not wrong, you need only 1/2 or 1/4 coconut. Here in Aussie, no fresh coconut lah.. Haha.. Anyway, I won't have the time to do so. BLEAH..

I cook this soup quite often. Boyfriend kinda like it. But he never eats the corn... :S I eat the corn! Don't ask why I'm so corny sometimes. :P

Anyway... Here the recipe goes... It's really very simple to cook.

2 corns on the cob (Peel off the leaves, wash it and break it into 2 using your hand! Cannot break? Get a man. Hee... Dearie usually break it for me. By breaking it, the essence of the corn taste would be nicer)
1 big carrot (Peel off the outer layer like how you peel a potato. And cut it into chunks)
1 tomato (Wash it and cut them into wedges)
About 4 pork ribs
Chicken Stock (powder form)

Firstly, you have to boil about 4 big bowls of water on high heat. 1 big bowl is about 2 standard cup of water. Boil until the water is boiling. Scoop some of this boiling water and wash the pork ribs. (This is to rid of the strong porky smell) Dump the pork ribs into the soup. Then dump in the corn, carrot and tomato. Let it boil on low heat(small fire) for about 4 hours or longer. Do watch it once in a while Like add more water if the soup dries up too quickly. Then, use your estimation. Hee... When you're about to drink the soup, add about 2 and half teaspoon of the powdered chicken stock. You can also use the liquid form one. About 1 table spoon of it. Taste it to check if you like the taste. Alternatively, if you don't have chicken stock, add a little bit of salt then add about 1 table spoon of soy sauce. Not too much soy sauce, you only want to enhance the taste and not drink soy sauce.

Eh.. That's about it lah... Try already then let me know. :p

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