Sunday, May 08, 2005

My talents and good points

I just feel like listing some of the things I am good at or will be good at or have the potential to be good at... Haha... :P
  1. Playing the piano by the ear
  2. Salsaing (Still not so good yet)
  3. Cooking (Still not good, needs to learn more dishes. Anyone wanna be my guinea pig? hehe)
  4. Housework (I'm really quite good when I'm hardworking, coz I cannot stand dirty places)
  5. Mathematics (My greatest achievement was convert my tutie from a F9 to an A2 in O levels fir Amaths)
  6. Programming (Though I don't really like it. Since I did the whole system myself, I think I'm good. :S)
  7. Computer Stuff (Not very good, but good enough to enough some technical stuff)
  8. Enjoy Arts stuff as well, like dances, paintings, concerts, musical - Jazz, Latin, anything that's good...

I am...

  1. Sweet
  2. Loving
  3. Caring
  4. Understand
  5. Shy with newbies
  6. Talkative and crazy with friends
  7. Kind
  8. Do things without complains. Will complain later when I have finish the stuff.
  9. A good friend
  10. A good girlfriend
  11. Torlerant
  12. Sensitive (in the good and not so good ways)
  13. Hardworking
  14. Pretty (Haha... trying to improve on those scars)
  15. Well built ( Hee... Trying to lose weight.... But winter is coming. :( )
  16. Able to absorb stress every from other people
  17. Patient
  18. A good listener (but I'm really sensitive when my bf say things in joking manner)
  19. Am both a science and arts person. Hmm.....

I can cook...

  1. Rice
  2. Omelletes
  3. Stir fry chicken/pork/beef with onions and capsicum or sometimes with black pepper sauce
  4. Veggies with oyster sauce and garlic
  5. Corn with carrot soup
  6. Watercress with pork bone soup
  7. Potatoes, carrot and onion soup
  8. Chicken Herbal Soup
  9. Chicken Rice
  10. Chicken Curry
  11. Chicken Chops/Beef Steak/Lamb Chop with any marinate available from the supermarket and with a sauce of your choice.
  12. Steam Fish
  13. Fried Fish
  14. Red Bean soup
  15. French Fries ( I make my own, not from the supermarket)
  16. Fried noodles with anything you want
  17. Fried rice with anything you want

Dishes that I think I know how to cook, but haven't try cooking...

  1. Assam Fish
  2. Nasi Lemak
  3. Green Bean soup
  4. White fungus dessert soup
  5. Sambal Kangkong
  6. Sambal ikan bilis
  7. Peanut with pork bone soup
  8. Fish curry
  9. Cauliflower with pork soup
  10. Duck with salted veggie soup (Very hard to find raw duck in Melbourne)

Eh, I don't know what else liao... haahaa... :P

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