Wednesday, May 04, 2005

10 rules to be pretty...

This is from a guy's point of view how he judge a girl if she's pretty or not.

  1. Rid of wrinkles
  2. Rid of scars
  3. Have beautiful eyebrows that suit you
  4. Stay slim
  5. Cut a hairstyle that suits you
  6. Put on eyeshadow
  7. Wear earrings
  8. Wear necklance
  9. Smell nice
  10. Wear clothes that suits you

I have wrinkles, scars, don't have nice brows, not slim, my hair's a mess, and my clothes seems to be out of fashion. Sighz. I'm not pretty.


Boon said...

Ya. i think You'r Damn Ugly.
fat , ugly hair, short, whatever fuck u're also bad in.
Happy? and you know what? You Are ugly ONLY TO ONE PERSON and u know who he is.
get the fuck out of this complex.

Your mother would be very heart broken by your current state of mind, you ugly girl.
u Said so, not me.

chinfee said...

idunno what is wrong with your head. it seems like you're in love with the notion of being in love.

not that we dont respect your decisions, but at least trust us enough as friends who KNOW YOU BETTER THAN HIM. Think abt it objectively.

they way you behave and tell us stuff, its consistant of him just exploiting you, my dear.

Deborah said...

Alethea, I have known you since we were Pri 2. In all these years, I have never known you to be like this. We have been through some shit together and still survived. I really hate to see what has become of you. What happened to the girl who never let things put her down. I know that you are no super-human, but open your eyes and see that nobody has the right to put you down the way that you are now. You can choose to change, but that has to be your choice and not somebody elses comments that cause you to change. There are certain things in life that cannot be changed, you can go for plastic surgery and correct everything that he has complained about you, but do you think that you will be happy? There will always be something that will become a problem.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Obviously someone is blind.
He fell in love with you when you were like this, so what is his problem now? Have you changed so drastically that it bugs him? Dont tell me that he is exactly the same as he was when you met him. In a relationship, there is give and take, but it has to be where each person gives and takes, not where you give and he takes. For him to treat you like that, it is because he has an inferiority complex about himself and him putting you down is his way of making himself feel better about himself, but why do you let him do that? It is not your problem that he is not confident and secure about himself. That is his problem to work on.
Confidence is something that takes a lot of time to build up, you can encourage him, but don't let him take away yours.

chinfee said...

from a friend of mine:
Here's a little something for your friend to read, hope she finds back her confidence to snap herself out of it.
dawne //