Sunday, April 03, 2005

pretty pretty me...

heee.... Alright... I went clubbing with some Singaporean friends today(2April) for another friend's birthday. I didn't exactly enjoyed clubbing, but yah, for a friend's birthday, I will go I suppose. I'm just glad that she enjoyed herself. Though I left earlier than them, 3am, while they left at 4am? And that was the time I got home. Felt soooo guilty.... I shouldn't be home late... Had a scolding... :( sighz... Silly me actually thought after dinner was clubbing time. Sighz... *bashes myself*

okok.. I bought some cream from Skin Doctors,from My Chemist, which seems quite good. Contains AHAs and BHAs, supposedly fruit acids I think. I hope they would have in the scars on my face. Hee... Bleah.. I'm getting vain... My next step? I think I might get a peeling system for the face the next round. Hehehe... :P

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