Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More greetings and Paintball Last Saturday!

Haha... Oops, I haven't been online for sometime now... Been really busy with projects and assignments. Have been having countless and tiring project meetings. Doing project stuff. Doing assignment stuff. Got 2 assignments - essays, due next week. One programming (Web Interface Technology) assignment, another essay due in 2 weeks time, a group project documentation to hand in (on functional spec which can be up to 200 pages.) Help..... *tries to sing "I will survive" song*

Hee... I receive more greetings on Saturday when I checked my emails. Hehhe.. I received ecards from Chin Fee and Sishi who sent it on my birthday itself. :P I received an Email from Gary "singing" a birthday song for me. I also receive greetings in Friendster from Sin Yee, Yonghong and Leon(friend since sec school.. haaa...). I even got a testimonial from brother KFC. hee.. Oh well...

I went to play Paintball on Saturday. Just in case some of you don't know what is paintball, it is actually like a stimulation of a war game. We woremilitary uniforms over our clothings (Yes, it was a HOT day too!) It is to protect our clothes from getting dirty. We were then given a rifle each. Yeah... Rifle... Of some sort. hahaha.. I call it the Paintball rifle. It is like your normal rifle, just that your ammos are paintballs. It is paint in ball capsules. There were 2 groups. Oh, did I mention that we had to buy separate ammos apart from the flat fee we had paid? Grrr...

I guess the game was alright, not really that fun coz I think some of the guys are from Singapore, because of the way they talk and the way they talk about army languages, were taking in charge of the whole team and they were like among themselves and not trying to get the whole team involve. OH what the heck... Dearie and I were in the same team. That's what matters most.

We played a few games. Trying to shoot at people. Pretty fun if you hit them, but if you don't, you will be wondering why they are not out of the game yet. Hehhee... Then we had a 15 mins break. We went back to the shelter had gatorate.. Sheesh, $2.50 per bottle. No choice, so thristy and need a cool drink for a hot day. Then we went for more games but different field.

After a few games, we went back for BBQ lunch. Not really nice lah. Had bread, some bbq sauages, dont know what meat. I see they way they put the food in a dont know what container. Haa.. Reminds me of the times when I was in NCC, out field and eating rubbish. :S

Oh well, after a day's war. We were sent back to the City where we had a nice and simple dinner then went home to bathe clean and sleep.....

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