Thursday, April 07, 2005

Meet Our dearest Mr. Foo Biaoda. :P 6 April

Well well!!! Ok, I had a client meeting in the morning at 11am. Ended about 1pm. Went to coles to buy some girly stuff. Bought Pantene Extra Straight Shampoo, Pantene Extra Straight Conditioner and Pantene Extra Straight Relax Creme. Haha... Well, that's for my hair of course. I guess most of you know that my hair is probably my asset. Hehehe... Oh well, Of course I got Johnson baby milk bathe for my body and some moisturiser to keep my skin soft and silky. Hahaha.. as if I have that.. :P

Anyway, I reached home about 1.30pm. Talked to dearie, cook Bak Chor Mee for lunch. Was quite yummy I suppose. hehehe.. Coz dearie had 1 and a half portion of noodles. :S and I couldn't finish mine. :P Oh well, then dearie asked me what I wanted for tomorrow. I just said I wanted a cake, and he really wanted to go to the city to buy a cake. :S Oh well, Felt quite bad, but really happy.

We went around city to find a nice good cake that I will like. Oh, I bought a Ganier Body cocoon cream from My Chemist. Hee.. Back to the topic... :P But the cakes here are a little ex... :S Could have settle for a less than $20 cake? But didn't really look appetising. In the end, we got the cake that I quite like! Bought a strawberry cheesecake from Crown Bakery! Looks really yummy! hehehehe... Oh well, have to save it! :P

After that, we meet Biaoda at Melbourne Central Station. Lingered at the station for about 15mins so that we can take the train at 6pm. Well, if we're using the 2 hour ticket, and used it after 6pm, the ticket will last till 2am. Hee.. So it's more worth it. We went to look at some photography magazines, then went to EB games to look at some Xbox games. Just to kill time.. Hee.. Oh well... We took the 6.03pm train back home.

Woo.. It was an express train back home. Was good. Reached home, Dearie cooked the rice, helped me to cut the garlic, onions and capsicum. Dinner was done in about 30 mins I think. I cooked Water Cres soup (of course that I boiled it before leaving the house. hee... :P), Black Pepper Beef with Capsicum and Chinese Brocolli with Oyster sauce. Just in case you don't know what's Chinese Brocolli, it's the English name for Kai Lan. :P

Biaoda took some salsa songs from me. Dearie gave him a CD-R for him to burn to. Had some time catching up. I guess all was good then...

Night time was mainly for me to bathe and feeding someone with magnum ice cream. :D Oh well, then I slept... :P

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