Friday, April 08, 2005

7 April - My birthday of course...

Well, the first person to wish me happy birthday was of course my Dearie lah... Then Biaoda who came the day before for dinner then before he left, he wished me. Too bad he couldn't join me for cake on the actual day. :)

Hmm, the first person to wish me on my actual day was of course me DEAR DEAR LAH. :P Then Janice called to wish me, and hearing my sleepy voice. :P

Well, as for 7 April, things were like any other normal Thursday. I woke up, prepared some food for Dearie before he goes for lesson. Well, he had lessons from 12 - 2pm, then lecture from 2-4pm, then group meeting from 4-5pm then supervisor meeting from 5-6pm. Of course, I couldn't let my dearie strave right? I only had lessons from 12-2pm. I came home to eat some egg noodles with beef slices. Then I received an SMS from Chewpeng wishing me a happy birthday. Hee.. So happy... At 4pm, went to school again to meet my tutor who was going to explain the progress of my project. Well, went together with my partner, had a few comments here and there, and it wasn't too bad I guess. Went for lecture at 5pm.

My project group mates all wished me a happy birthday. hee.. for a while I was quite paiseh coz they didn't really say it softly. Hee.. Oh well, ended lecture at 6pm. Waited for Dearie in the lab coz he said he was on the way back to uni. At the lab, I thought of updating my things on the internet for my project. Called one of my group mates up and Dearie poped up with a bouquet of roses! Sheesh! I was speechless and shocked and happy at the same time. I was quite paiseh, coz I wasn't alone in the lab. :S Oh well....

Then we headed home to put down our heavy bags and of course the lovely roses. Then we headed off to Carnegie for Korean Seafood Hot Pot. I felt like eating that. :P hehe... Then my mom called me at the time I was born. Hehehe.. And wished me. Hehehe.. My DEAR DEAREST MOM. Miss her so much... :(

Anyway, while waiting for my seat at the Korean Restaurant, Phelicia called! Hehe.. She remember too. So touched. But didn't talk for very long, coz my seat was ready. I really enjoyed dinner. Eating with my love a spicy hot pot during a cold night. What else can I ask for?

After dinner, we went home and I went online for a while. Then I received msges from Wanxin and Soong Fee wishing me. Hee... Then I received a call from my DAD! Hehehe... I was so happy that my Dad remember! Hee... So touched. :P My Dad is a really busy man, but he bothered to call me. So "gan dong".

Later during the night, while I was having some quality time with my Dearie, Eunice and Siong Yin called to disturb me to wish me. LOLz.... Well, not long after, Dearie and I cut the cake, as you can see from the pictures. :P When I was about to go for my shower, Mel called to wish me. Hahaha.. My friends got really good timing to wish siah. :P

Gary emailed to wish me too! hee.. I guess I'm blessed with friends who remembers me though I'm so far away. I felt really bad too.. Dearie bought the cake, dinner and roses for me. :S I wonder how much have I spent. :S

Anyway, I really enjoyed that day thoroughly. :) Cheers!

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