Sunday, March 20, 2005


I guess things are getting better. Though my confidence level has drop quite a bit. Am trying to pick things up.

Anyway, things are heating up. Have 2 assignments due this coming week and I have yet to complete them. Hope I can understand and quickly finish them before the date due. Sheesh, sometimes I don't really understand what I'm reading and have to restart learning which is a pain in the ass process.

Okiez, Mom has been calling me up regularly. Miss her so much. sometimes makes me want to fly back just to see her again. And my daddy... :( Oh well, And she just called me to tell me that she and my aunts went out for lunch together. wow, like some kind of family gathering. They had roast pork and duck and a lot of other dishes. Hmm.. sounds really yummy... but there was no impact on me. Perhaps I'm still full from lunch.

Ok lah... I shall go and do my work already. Blog again soon.

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