Saturday, March 05, 2005


Okies, so I haven't been writing my blog for sometime now. Lets see.... what are my feelings today...

I'm feeling not too bad today I guess. Cooked fried noodles, watched a little of Friday the 13th - a killer movie.. ok.. about a killer named Jason and can't seem to die... And he just kills people without any mercy. Okies, it's really quite grusome. Watch the part 3 one though and everyone in the movie died except a girl... Not that I like this kind of movie, but someone would like to watch it.

Oh another thing I learn in Melbourne is to play the PC game Starcraft. Thanx to my boyfriend, I learn how to build "Supply depot", "Barracks", "Engineering Bays", "Academy", "Refineries", "Bunkers" which then lead to building "SCVs", "Marines", "Medics", "Battle Cruiser". Hmmm Seems like I'm not doing normal girly stuff. I'm becoming more boyish? Macho girl maybe... Sighz... *sobzzzz* My next mission planned by my dearest boyfriend is to use the other race in starcraft. Protoss and Zerg. OH... I have been using Terran race, which is the "human" race. Haha.. Welcome to the BOY'S world! So "interesting"... See what the boys enjoy doing. Yup.. it's interesting.

Oh, I only managed to do all these in 3 days??? With a lot of scoldings and strict displine from my DEAREST DEARIE.................. So if I do anything wrong.. Hmm... Poor me... :(

Oh well... OH... On the good side, my boyfriend managed to modify his Xbox to play pirated games and play all kinds of DVD movies. Hmm, no he didn't bring his Xbox to the shop, he did it all by himself. This is after much of surfing the net, sleep sacrificed (including mine), spending money on crosscables, USB extension cable, Xbox extension cable and lossing my important and his documents from our usb drive. :( Oh well.. Things that we sacrifice to do some big"IMPORTANT" thing.

Okok.. enough of this... School has started. Lectures have started. Well, it's not too bad going to school I guess. I guess the only difficult thing I might face this semester is trying to cope doing housework, cooking, laundry and of course my studies at the same time. I guess I'll grumble along the way. But the duty of a girl. Or should I say girlfriend? Everything I do as a girlfriend. Like the song goes, "Everything I do, I do it for you". I just need a little appreciation, some loving and caring I suppose.

That's all for now lah.... Ciaos...

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