Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's a freaking 16 degrees in Summer~!

Sheesh, the weather is totally bad I tell you. It was a hot and dry 29 degrees yesterday afternoon but in the evening to started to turn cold. Like winter during the day.

And today, it rained!!!!!! It's a freak 16 degress now man! Sheesh, is this the left over of winter? Oh my gosh... It's such a bad weather. Anyway, I'm the newly appointed team leader in my project. Sheesh.. I have no idea why I was appointed that. I shall try to accept it with grace. :S Hmmmm....

Anyway, yesterday was like a pig out day. Soumya, Aaron, Janice, Robin and I went to Chapel Street for dinner. My gosh, we had 2 pastas, one in cream and the other in tomato, and a BBQ chicken pizza. Hahahaha.... After which we head of to Acland Street at St Kilda's for cakes. Sheesh.. Hahaha.. oops.. and we starting to gossips about everything you can think of under the cold cold night. :S

Oh well, I'm getting hungry now. Will not blog for sometime until I get my internet installed in my new home. Cheerios everyone!

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