Monday, January 10, 2005


My mom left for Singapore yesterday. Her flight was 5pm. Renping was very nice to send my mom to the airport. Hence, I was able to tag along. :) She went into the immigration at 4pm. And Mother and Daughter were apart once again. *Tearing at the moment. Sheesh* And shit, my window player is playing the song "When will I see you again?" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm tearing buckets.

The time my mom and I spent in Melbourne for this week was a good one. We went to City, shop around aimlessly just the way I like it. Though sometimes she can be a pain coz she stop at almost everyshop longer than usual to admire the things inside. :S

I can't exactly type how I really feel now. I'm miss my mother so much. And on top of that, I miss my boyfriend terribly too. I guess I need sometime to cool now. Haven't been able to cope this feeling since yesterday. Yeah, I know I'm suppose to write about what happen last year. I will write soon. Once I get the mood. Yeah, I still remember what happened. :) Don't worry friends who have been wanting me to write what happened. :)

Signing off now. Going to Uni now. Hope it's a good day. And make me stop thinking so much.

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