Tuesday, January 11, 2005

24 Dec to 26 Dec...

Haha.. Another unforgetable days.

Well, as most of you know, Gary, Isabel and I set off to KL at 7.30am on 24 Dec to KL. My mission? Of course to meet my dearest boyfriend. And every thing else was unplanned. Gary and Isabel were of course to see the salsa scene in KL and also to chill and have a good time.

Met my DEAREST DARLING in the afternoon. He was like the hunk walking down the path to meet me. Hehe... Looking at his handsome face... Hehehe... Oh well... Ah... I could contain my excitement and happiness when I saw him. hehe... *sheesh, I'm like giggling to myself at the moment.* Went to the hotel, put down our luaggages and went to the Chinese restaurant at Sungei Wang. Walk around a little. Came back to the hotel and got changes to go dinner with Dearie's family.

Gary and Isabel were teasing me about "Meeting the parents" session. I was of course feeling very nervous, and was quite quiet during dinner. Isabel and Gary were like enjoying the food so much. Haha... They commented to me like they were just accompanying like my protectors when meeting the parents. Sheesh... Oh well... We all had a good dinner and head of to one of the salsa clubs, Little Havana. Was pretty NOT happening when we arrived there. The dancers were like dancing with the same people. Perhaps we are not familiar with the people there. We stay until midnight. Not so exciting, but was more like a quiet club and everyone is wishing each other "Merry Christmas". Gary tried teaching Dearie some salsa basics. Hehe.. Was cute looking at Dearie danced. Actually, in that short time, Dearie made quite a good progress. :) Not every can master the front and back steps in one day. Anyway, Dearie and I left the club earlier.

As we left the club and headed for our hotel, there were a lot of youth along the roads of KL. I have never seen such a crowd! It was amazing. Everyone was holding to a bottle of colour spray foams. Dearie and I had to "siam" from those people who tried to spray at us. It seemed quite fun, but I didn't want to dirty my blouse. I wasn't prepared to dirty myself that way. Anyway, we arrived at the hotel. We spent some quality time together alone. Exchanged presents. Hee... Dearie gave me a really nice shawl. Orange with some strips. Nice nice... I really like it a lot. Hehe.. In exchange, I bought Dearie an orange OP shirt. Haha.. :P

Christmas Day... We all woke up late. We spent lunch at some eatery with Gary's and Isabel's friend, Chris. She was a nice girl, a little too cheeky I suppose. Afterwhich, we went to Sungei Wang again for shopping. I didn't really spend much, there wasn't much for me to spend on. Didn't see anything that I like. It was a waste that we spent so much time at Sungei Wang that we didn't go to 1 Utama. :( I met Bobby for the first time that day too. First impression? Sheesh, haha... erm.. not too nice to mention here. Was the first guy I know who is so enthu about shopping. Kinda wasted time going into every single shop and not buying anything. hmmm... Dearie and I decided to go a little our own way, and I finally bought a blouse from Soda that I like and Dearie finds it nice on me. Can you believe that this short paragraph was just spent like that on Christmas day? sheesh.. LOLz....

Anyway, Christmas day evening for me was spent at Dearie's place. His parents invited me for dinner. It was really like family thingy. Hmmm... And the first time I see Dearie's macho dog, Robbie. :D Robbie seems playful, but cute. Oh well, I have a little phobia of big dog because I was bitten by one not too long ago. :S Anyway, dinner was nice and simple. His parents cook really well. I enjoyed dinner. After dinner, we were like spending quality time again. Took a shower too. And spent the night at Dearie's place. In the middle of the night, I woke up. Then Dearie woke up. We went downstairs and Dearie saw Robbie sitting on the sofa. Hehe.. So cute.. :P Oh, then we had some soup before we head for bed again. :)

The next day morning, we went back to the hotel to get Gary and Isabel. I think that night before, they had too much fun until they couldn't wake up. Haha.. I felt really bad for making Dearie's parents wait for so long. Oh well, in the end we had to have breakfast on the train. Dearie came back to Singapore with me. Hee... We spent some time sleeping and eating on the train. Haha... And that day, he sees my mother for the first time. :P

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