Monday, December 13, 2004

Unfruitful Day..

Basically, I spent my time doing nothing today. Woke up in the morning, checked Monash email, checked other emails. Watched a little cartoon, I think it was Bayblade and spiderman. Haha.. I was so bored...

Then Darling came online... hehe.. Chatted with him for sometime... Web cam and skype. Just in case some of you don't know what Skype is, it is a program for audio conversation over the Internet. It's a good program go download it. Go to and search for skype. Was so good talking to my Darling. The day we're going to meet again is getting nearer and nearer... Wooooooo I'm just so excited. So cute looking at his cute face again with his new cutesy hair style - Thanks to the Vietnamese barber. *LOLz* Oh well... Darling was tired, so he took a nap.

Chatted with Gary for a while about the trip to KL. Woooo, am so looking forward to it. Heee... Despite all the unhappening things that happened the past few days.

Had lunch in the afternoon, watched Scooby Doo and Woody Wood Pecker. Washed the dishes, then called Darling to wake him up just in case he over sleep. Haha.. He still wanted to sleep... What to do.. Will call him an hour later. Then Pheli called to chat. Chat until I needed to go to the toilet, then called Darling to wake him up.

Then I was preparing dinner while chatting with him. Cooked rice, "you tau fu" soup and stir fried spinach with ikan bilis. Then had to put down the phone to have dinner with mommy. He called me later to continue our little chat. To find that he hasn't had dinner! Sheesh.. So was discussing what should he have for dinner. In the end, he had chicken and veggies with rice. Not too bad.. If not he will always end up eating bread with milk. My poor darling.. :(

Am feeling a little anxious about receive my exams results. Sighz.... I hope all goes well... *cross my fingers.*

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