Friday, December 03, 2004

Think about what you did before you say others...

Well, I know some of you heard some stories that I've been saying about my boyfriend. He's really not all that bad. It's only that one incident. Yes, it's a REALLY big impact on me, and many gave me advices. I know that I would give my friend the same advice if they were in my position and been in a relationship for a long time. Come on, we're only in how many months into the relationship, moreover it's his first and "bu dong shi". Since I've chosen to forgive and give him another chance, can those who have violently object respect my decision? I'm not saying my girlfriends, and I thank you guys for supporting me so far. The things girls do for the guy they adore. Now you know why there's a song that goes, "If love is blind, I'll find my way for you."

More about my boyfriend... He is really one of the sweetest guy you will ever know. He will do anything for his girl. He would cook for you, change his bad habits for you, anything to make you happy and satisfied again. Though it became my habit to cook for him dinners and lunches. I mean, it was a natural instinct for me already. However, there are times where he would ask me to rest and he do the cooking. There are many other thing as well... Like going out to buy dinners, or sometimes when I said I need to go home to get something, he would accompany me. Stay til late and wait for my night classes to end then we go home together. Ok.. some may say that we're in Aussie, and we only have the 2 of us. Ok.. you can do that once in a while, but not all the time right? And even in Singapore, I go home alone too what. Don't give me the crap that we're only in Aussie.. Come on.. we have our own friends... He got his best buddies whom he always hang around with. I have my own housemates, and I'm never alone at home.

How many guys out there can actually tell their girlfriend their "out of this world" truth? I've known guys who are like that.. But they do not tell their girls at all. And this is a really selfish act. But he told me... But no longer have this intentions. And I can do a lot more. I've threatened, I know some of his secret stuff that I cannot tell you. He's so honest until I have invaded into his private space. He shares practically everything with me. I know it when I have crossed the line. And I really shouldn't have crossed the line. Guys, you have no idea what we went through during this short 2 or 3 months. You may say that I'm soft hearted and I must protect myself. And our relationship is so young and fresh. I've given it a chance. It's going to be a hard road.

Moreover, his whole family knows about me. Always asking about me... How I know? Thanx to Skype. On my side, only my mommy knows about his existance. My daddy will know his existance when he comes to Singapore.

The reason why I'm saying this, is that I want you guys to know that he is not all that bad. Just that one BIG terrible mistake that he made and that I happen to found out, I was really upset. I can actually make a lot of changes. And then again, everyone needs their space. And he is really treasuring his 2nd chance a lot now.

To this guy friend who called my boyfriend names. Haven't you did enough for me? You said it yourself that you had taken advantage of me. And you conveniently stays near where we always hang out. I do NOT have the car all the time. Sad to say, my girl friends are more considerate than you. You have pissed me off already a few times. But I have chosen not to show it and be nice to everyone I know. As I tell myself, why should I bother wasting my time being angry with someone like you? I would like to be nice all the time! But being nice has their limits too! And it's not for you to take advantage of! Some other people are pissed with you sometimes too. They dropped hints at you and you either pretend not to know or just act blur/pitiful. Girls are more vulnerable to a lot of crimes, and I'm sorry girls that I have to always drop you off at Novena. You shouldn't have the benefit of getting driven home. Say people, how about yourself? Haven't you being very indecisive and insensitive to the people around you? How they react when they are with you? But yet you don't get it and always sound self pitiful. I cannot stand it, I try to understand your situation. But I just don't get it still...

No transport home? Then go home earlier to catch public transport! Like in Melbourne, though Taxi is readily available, but it's really DAMN expensive. What we do? Try to catch the train home. Unless you are willing to spend money on CAB. I'm not aiming at those who are willing/knows that they have to spend money if they chose to stay out late at night Get what I mean? I really pissed..... The irony is that you told me to protect myself, I'm now protecting myself from YOU!

And yes, how would you feel if someone tells you, "Do you think you're really in a relationship?" When you conveniently says that you think that you can give it a try? Ain't you doing the same thing as me? I do like my bf in a way, that's why we're together. I'm sure you too. There will be rocks... I shall not say further.

OK.. I have nothing else to say liao... I hope this clarifies things about how I really feel about my boyfriend.

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Anonymous said... down gal...dun b so angry...well different ppl has diff views n most meant well for u. Mayb someone did said something real bad...hmmm think he muz be someone who doesn't filter his speech. (hehe err u not referring to me hor haahaha) well as i have said...its ur choice. Well onli time will prove if ur choice is correct. no one can tell. hehehe juz do wat u feel u wana do.....ignore the comments... stay happy gal ...shout wif me!!!