Thursday, December 09, 2004

Boring days...

What can I say about yesterday? Hmmmmm... It was a rainy day... Spent most of my time watching cartoons on Kids Central and chatting online. Chatted until Chinny Baby came online and jio me go watch movie - Bridget Jones Diary, The edge of reason. Almost couldn't make it because of the rain man. But heng ah.. Didn't rain, anyway, Chin came in a cab and we shared cab to go to The Regent Hotel first to dump her stuff in her mom's room. Then off we head to Great World City in a cab again. It was pouring quite heavily.

Got good seats... Not many people went to watch movie. Oh well, it was a Wednesday afternoon afterall. :D Was quite an enjoyable movie. It's about this journalist, Renee Zellweger, who is looking for love. Her ex lover was a fellow journalist, played by Hugh Grant, was a pain in the butt. Seems like he still loved her but left her to settle her problem when she got hold back by the Thai authorities for trying to smuggle drugs. She was framed by good buddy's fling. The story is that her good buddy went to tell her supposedly boyfriend, played by Colin Firth, a lawyer. This lawyer boyfriend went through a lot of trouble just to clear her name. Was something to show that he still loved her a lot. Somehow, when he went to Thai to get her out, he just said that he was a messenger. :S Her buddy told her everything. Bleah.. OH... sheesh, I can't describe leh.. Just go and watch it yourself yah? :D

Evening was like spending time with mommy... Then talk to boyfriend on the phone until I wanted to sleep. And was high time for him to sleep. hehehe...

And Today...... MY BROTHER WENT TO NS! WAH HAHAHAHA Awwwwwwww Poor thing... The camp was quite BORING... No entertainment, the NS boys just stand there.. talk among themselves. I'm pretty sure that all the parents and relatives who came were bored.... Unless they had questions. Well, as for me and my mom, I guess we know what it's like in the NS. The rough idea that is. My brother and I were in the NCC mah. NS is just going to be a lot tougher. hehe...

This batch of NS that went in today are the obese.. Sheesh... All the fat boys. hehehe.. imagine, in a few months time, they will be macho men! Hopefully.. haha.. As for my brother... To his consolation, he was actually one of the slimmest man! Wah hahahahahaha... kekekeke... Oh well... He took his oath to the nation with the other newly enlisted recruits. Afterwhich, they had to line up outside the audi, like prisoners, waiting for parents to take them. Haha... Oh well.... Then we had lunch together.. Just like the days at Amoy Quee camp. :/

Oh.. I met an old friend, Edwin there too. Was an old NCC friend. Still remember me till this day. :D And he's going to Sydney next year. Can meet up. If he decides to come to Melbourne that is.

Reached mainland, went to the pasar malam near White Sands, bought Pulut Mayam, fried chempadat, some malay bread thingy. Then went to Geylang to an umbrella shop to get myself a good new umbrella, went to the post office to settle my mom's office's xmas cards stuff. Bought some Tau Sar Pia from the famous shop at Balestier. Reached home, took a nap until 8pm man. Haha.. Almost forgot about dinner............................. :P Just ate some left over curry chicken noodles and otak. Everything was soft enough for me. Had to eat everything on the right side of my mouth. Hai.. Poor me. :D

Chatted with my dear dear DARLING again. hehehe... Oh.. Finally the strike is over. Hopefully they will release all the results. :S Keep my fingers crossed.

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