Monday, November 15, 2004

Saturday-13 Nov, Wonderful Day... Almost...

You maybe wondering why the word almost right? That's because...... DEAR WOKE UP LATE! Grrr... The shops here in Melbourne closes at 5pm. :( I don't know what time he woke up. But I remembered that we reached City at around 3+pm. And we reached our destintation restaurant at 3++pm? Haha.. ok.. my point is we reached city late. Though there were still a lot of people around.

We had Vietnamense food. I had a bowl of their beef brisket noodles, while Dear had chicken breast fillet rice. The food was not bad.. I had an avocado drink as while. Was nice, but Dear didn't like it. He had soya milk. :S

After which, we walked around city. Went to find JB HiFi. According to dear, they were having sales for DVDs. But they were closed! Sheesh, the Aussies are... Hmmm... I shan't say.. don't they wanna earn some money from us? Oh well.. We walked around the whole city.. Discovering where the 2 cinemas are... One of them was showing Alien vs Predator, the movie that Dear had been wanting to watch for a long time, before the exams. But didn't decide to watch because the next show was at 9pm. So we just walked around Chinatown, I look at clothings, Dear gave comments. Bought some dried mangoes and fish snacks. I went around the whole city into every gift shops to look for good birthday presents. Went ino David Jones and Myers. Didn't find anything that's good. Hmmm... Sad... We also went to all the CD/DVD shops in the city. But didn't buy anything. Coz all the shops closed so early. :S Didn't have the time to think about it and buy. :/ Went to Lygon Street to buy some ice cream. Had Caffe, Nutella, Rum and Raisins and Ferraro Crunch. Yumm.... The best waws Ferraro Crunch, then Rum and Raisins, then Nutella, then Caffe. Well, we didn't exactly like coffee flavour icecream.. hehehe.. oh well.. that was just like trying everything to see if it was nice. Oh.. there are many other flavours too.. Various fruits flavours and some other interesting flavours lah. hee... Most of which you will never find it in Singapore.

By the time we kind of finish walking around, it was almost 7.30pm. Then we were thinking why not we watch the 9pm, Alien vs Predator. Haha.. the funny thing was that we forgot where that cinema was... Walked one big round then found the cinema. Bought our tickets, then went to look for a place to have dinner. When we walked out, we realised that we walked the long way to the cinema from where we decided to watch the movie. hahaha.. so silly. Was funny....
Walked a little down to Chinatown to eat at this restaurant called the "Singapore Chom Chom". Hee... I think the people who owns the place are Singaporeans too. Hmmm... The wonton mee that I had tasted like home... hehehe.. The other place I had wonton mee.. didn't come close.. hahaha.. oh well... Dear had soya sauce chicken noodles.

Since Dear paid for lunch, I paid for dinner. Walked half way, then both of us need to go to the toilet. Haha.. Walked into one of the shopping malls, found this shop that had a really nice top! then again, the shop was close. So... CANNOT SEE and BUY! Hahaha.. :P Then we found the toilet! But the doors were locked! Sheesh.... :S No choice lor, have to "tahan" and walked to the cinemas first.

Thank goodness the toilets in the cinemas were not locked. Dear and I went to relieve ourselves. I was a little scared when I went into the toilet... :s No one was in the toilet and the toilets had freaky blue lightings. Argh.. hahaha... My imagination.. But you know the feeling when you're alone in the toilet in the freaky blue lights? Hmmmm hahaha.. oh well... I'm not really that brave when it comes to spooky stuff.

Went into the theatres, only to see another man sitting in the middle with his pop corn and drink. hahaha.. Dear and I looked for our seat which was right at the back.. Then again, I thought the back seats were a little smelly. We decided if no one were sitting in the front seats, we'll move. Well, when the movie was about to start, there were only 3 people in the cinema.. haha.. that's me, Dear and the other man. So.. We just choose a really good seat. hahaha... Then another man joined in the cinema beginning of the show. First time that Dear and I went to a cinema only to be filled with 4 people... :s... And not to mention the size of the theatre lor. Hmmm LOLz...

I guess you guys in Singapore already watch the show.. So... I shall spare the details of the movie. I guess it wasn't so bad. Was a little exciting at certain points, but funny at the same time when the predator was communicating with the lady. :D

The moment we stepped out of the cinemas, there was a street singer just outside singing for the public. He sang, "Here comes a happy couple walking out of the cinemas", in quite a nice tune. Felt it was a waste for this talent. Oh well.. we didn't waste more time. I was dead tired. We took the tram down to the train station, took the train home. Was really a nice day with Dear, with all the hugs, snuggles, kisses throughout the day. *blush* Oh.. not forgetting his crappy jokes... :P

By the time I got home, there were many guests in the living room. Chatted with Ika's new guy. He's quite a cool guy, he sings in pubs. Hmmm.. not too bad looking. :/ Anyway, we chatted about going to a latinos clubs. *Finally I heard the salsa word.. hahaha* Oh, and he sang in Hilton Hotel back in Singapore as well.. Cool... Oh well.. I had to wash up, take out contact lens and prepare myself to sleep over at Dear's place. I sleep really early almost immediately when we reached his place. Oh.. Dear has new housemates. Hmmm.... Never see them.. Oh... this time, we slept at the same time. :)

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