Sunday, November 07, 2004

More slacking


Well, Friday was another slacking day. Woke up late again with dear. Left my place in the afternoon about 2pm, went to Sunny's to buy take away again. I had Indian Mee Goreng while Dear had Combination fried noodles (sheng mien). Headed to Safeway to get his milk, then to Cargenie market to get some fruits. Bought some juicy pears and oranges. Bought 6 packets of instant noodles, a chicken rice mix, soy sauce and crab sticks. Went to Cafe 101 to buy some berry cheesecake and a chocolate mud cake.

Got home and ate our late lunch at about 3.30pm? Finished lunchie at 4pm? Slack around again. Tried the mud cake.. Dear didn't really like it. I kinda find it OK... :/ Took our usual afternoon nap. Woke up at 7pm. Slack for a while, bathe, had the cake for dinner, and we headed for Dear's place. Taking some pears, instant noodles and his milk along too.

When we reached Dear's place, he got HUNGRY. haha... Well, he did his laundry first, and we boil some spaghetti and I fry it with some red pepper, chicken (Dear seasoned it with chinese wine and salt.. Nice...), crab stick and egg. Surprisingly, it was not bad. haha.. Oh well... After that, he went to bathe.

After his bath, we chatted and got disturbed by his housemates. They are nice Singaporeans. We were discussing about our accomodation for next semester. Since I was going to be here earlier than all of them, I'll stay in the house alone. :( But I may get to use my housemate's car. hehe.. hmm... Oh.. the housemates are couple. :) The girl, asked Dear and I if we minded pets in the house. Frankly speaking, I don't mind, but I'm a little afriad of dogs. Don't blame me. I got bitten by a dog before, so... have a little phobia. I guess that fear got to go one day. :/ Well, our day just ended like that... I fell asleep.. hahaha.. then woke up again.. Coz someone wasn't sleeping... the sleep again... :/


Hmmm... Lets see, I woke up at 11am and laze around. Haha... then tried to wake Dear up.. But, he just couldn't wake up and keep saying give him 10 more minutes. Haha.. Oh well... Went to the kitchen at about 1pm. Haha.. Yeah... Lazing around used up a lot of time. :/

The menu for lunch was spaghetti. As in italian style. Boil the noodles, cooked some rice, because there wasn't enough spaghetti for two people, and made the sauce with some onions, beef and red pepper. Nice.... Really... Mixed the noodles with some rice, added the sauce on top, then added some mozzarella cheese.. Yummy!!! Haha... Dear washed up... hmmm

Don't know why I suddenly had this terrible headache. Like my brain is shaking inside my head. Argh... Dear made me some chinese herbs for headache, rested for a while, and I was alright. Dear took a shower. But had not much clothes to wear. :S His clothes weren't dry yet. Brought some of the wet clothings to my place to use the dryer. But damn it, some idiot in my house never remove his clothes from the dryer. No choice, have to use the fan and hair dryer to dry Dear's clothes. :( Hmm... I went to take a shower while Dear try to dry his clothes.

After bathing, we just hang around while waiting for the clothes to dry. While waiting, we played a parking game at Had a crazy time playing this. Was trying to beat his high score of 430+++++ Can't remember the score. :( My highest was only 410++ Can't remember the score too. :( Oh well....

Finally Dear's tee shirt was dry, but his sweater wasn't. The end parts were still a little wet. And he still went to wear it! :S Our plan was to go to Lygon Street for dinner. Want to take him to his place to eat pizzas. The place? Papa Ginos. They serve good pizzas. Yum.... We reach Papa Ginos at around late 8-9pm. Ordered Super Special and Ginos special, woooo so yummy delicious. Dear wanted to order another one. haha... But I couldn't finish... Could feel that my gastric was beginning to rack up again. :( Heck it... Bought some ice cream. Shit, got cheated, bought the wrong ice cream. Ahhhhhhhhh... :( Never mind, will buy the right one the next time. :/ Oh... Then we went to Brunettis to buy some cakes. Bought a tiramisu and a chocolate like flavoured cake. Looks yum... Haven't eaten it yet. Planning to eat it for lunch on Sunday...

Went home by tram, gees, then my gastric started to rack up. :/ Wanted to take the tram to the train station, but it started to rain, and I didn't want to walk in the rain. So we just took the tram all the way home. Was almost an hour's ride compared to the train, only take 20 minutes. Lean on Dear's shoulder. Was in quite a pain. Beared with it... Dear was so nice... Hugs, and pecks... Hmmm Trying to make me feel comfortable and knew that I was in pain. :S

By the time we reach our destination, it was another torturing walk back home. The night was so so cold. Dear was so nice again! hee... hugged me all the way home, felt slightly warmer. Told myself to bear for a while more. We made it home nice and soundly. Immediately took my gastric pills and took a nap. Told dear to wake me up at 12midnight for me to do the laundry. But I couldn't wake up at all. Only woke up at 3am. Coz Dear reminded me that I haven't take out my contact lens. Went to take out my contact lens, washed my face, apply whatever it needs to take care of my face. Dear helped me with the laundry. Then we went to bed. Dear managed to fall asleep, I was still rolling around. Went to transfer the laundry to the dryer half an hour later. The washing machine takes about half an hour to wash the clothes, but the dryer takes almost an hour. Didn't wait for the one hour, went to sleep immediately.


Just went to check the dryer, but the clothes are not really dry yet. Put the dryer to run one more time.. Oh well, that's all for now. Waiting for Dear to wake up. Then have cake for lunch. Haha...

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