Monday, November 15, 2004

Holidays are here! Yippie!

Friday - 12 Nov

Finally, my dreaded exams are officially over! Luckily, mine was a morning paper. Could enjoy earlier. But poor Dear had an afternoon paper. Left he and poor Jason (who had 2 papers on the same day. One paper with me, and another paper with Dear.) to study while I headed for Safeway to buy more Sotong and something for me to eat in the afternoon. Had a German potatoe salad and chips and tuna fish. Hahahaha... :P

Took the chance to clean up my messed up room. Vacummed the floor, cleaned the table. Pack my notes etc... Also took the opportunity to do a long awaited facial. Hee... Time pass by really quick. Before I know it, it was almost 6pm! And I was chatting like a mad woman with whoever was online talking to me. People was asking me about my return date. Haha.. It sure spreaded like wild fire. But I hope it doesn't spread further, because..... hmmm Will say why the next time. hehehe... Only 2 good pals know why... :P besides my mom and Dear of course. :D

By the time I was set to prepare dinner, it was already 6.45pm! sheesh, and Dear was coming at 7.30pm. Ika invited us to go out with them that night. They were planning to go drinking.

I cooked some of my favourite sotong, recipe from my mom's cooking, by observation. hehe... nice.. but the sauce not thick enough.. :P and some cabbage with dried prawns and vermecilli.

Hmm Then the outing plan changed to go bowling. Wanna go, but Dear was tired. Then it started to rain.. I was qutie sian to go out in the rain. Coz I don't have an umbrella to be sheltered in. It broke by a thunderstorm when I was on my way to uni one day. :S So.. we didn't go. Hmmmm ended up watching TV. Forget what they were showing also. :D

I sleep early as usual.... Dear slept late again, because he wanted to listen to the radio station from Malaysia. His favourite program. Hmmmmm Oh well... :)

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