Monday, November 15, 2004

Hmmm what about last week?

Well, I haven't been blogging for a week already.. It wasn't that I dont wanna blog, but the other day, when I was blogging half way oh Wednesday, I got hacked.. sheesh, whatever I've writen was all gone!

So... hmm I don't really remember what I did for the week... I knew I haven't been cooking at all. Most of the time, Dear and I went out to buy take aways. We had food from the near by Thai take aways, which had quite good tom yum soups, but not quite good food. hahaha.. Edible lah... :/ The place is own by real Thai people. how i know? they were talking in Thai in the kitchen... hmmmm oh well... the people serving were thais too. :/

We also try food from King Fish. They gave us really big portions. I had difficultly eating all of it. We ordered a Seafood delight. They gave us heaps of chips, 2 fish bits, 1 scallop and 1 crab stick. Hmm... Or ordered something from our beloved Sunny's. hehe.. Oh well.. It was sometimes he paid, sometimes I paid. Hmm...

We didn't get to do a lot of things. Dear stay at my place for the whole week. We studied together. But we slacked quite a lot of times. I tried to push him to study in the day, while he tried to push me to study in the night. :D Well... I woke up early in the day, stare at my news, while he woke up late in the day, eat lunch, study a bit, then discuss what to eat for dinner, then study at night.. Then I sleep first. Then he sleep... much later than me. :P oH well... that was last week....

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