Saturday, October 23, 2004

This week is not too good for me. :(

Oh well, on thursday, my partner and I rush our SDI project, which involves java programming. Sighz and our due time was 6pm lecture and we were not even half way through. I had a misconcept that my partner had completed most of the report. But to my disappoint and shocked, it was less than half done when she showed it to me. :(I was thinking shit, we will never be able to finish it. The last time I had a similiar project, it took my group of 5 to finish it in one semester. And I had to finish it within less than 10 hours? What to do, I was practically cracking my brains to complete 5 ppl's work within the short period of time. My partner was there, just nodding if she understood what I was doing and contributed some ideas. The programming was not even half done. We only did part of the system. I don't have the time to complete it. I was already booked the week before for another assignment. And again, my partner said that she would do some work. Yeah, she did... Only linking up all the interfaces that I designed together. (-_-") I'm not saying that she is not hardworking, but she should have brought up earlier that she didn't quite understand what's to be done. She's a nice girl, I still enjoyed working with her. I would work with her again, but not repeating the same mistakes. Oh.. in the end, I had to run all the way to uni to hand in the assignment on time. Sighz, I almost had an asthma attack. Spring time has a lot of pollen in the air you see. Sigh...

Friday was definitely not too good as well... Dearie and I went to Uni together (yeah, he stayed over the night before). Went for my Eiffel interview. I have to redo the interview again. My tutor said that I was not in the mood for the interview. Saying that I wasn't up to his expectation today. I couldn't help myself but to cry. Was really disappointed. It was a group interview. My partner (another guy) was practically answering my tutor by saying "I think" in all his answers to the tutor. I was shocked to hear it. It's an assignment interview, and you keep saying "I think", sheesh, what will the tutor think. I was so shocked and didn't know what to say. Yeah, I did the coding with Tjun and Jason. Though I did the least coding, I more or less understood the program. But sheesh, I couldn't answer my tutor. And that part, I was explaining to Joe the other day. :( I really feel F***ed UP. sighz.. My tutor was really nice, he said that I was too stressed, because the day before I had to hand in another assignment, saying that I was too stressed and he understood that. The point I'm disappointed was that I don't think I will score as high as I want for this assignment now. I'm really feeling very sore.

Anyway, on the brighter side.... :) Darling and I went for lunchie together. As usual, he always makes me laugh with his crappiness. Oh well, he headed to Jason's place to study, while I went to Carnegie to buy some fish and some personal things. Yeah, was planning to steam fish. Called Dearie, and he was sleeping! sheesh... oh well.. I went home and cleaned up my room.

Topped up my hp and called Boon Cheong. Yeah, long distance call. Was nice to hear Boon Cheong again. Was his birthday. Quite sad that I cannot dance with him for his birthday dance. Sorry Boonie... :( But I hope when I'm back, we'll dance many many times ok? Including the bachata. :/

Not long later, Dearie came over to my place at 5pm. Was surprised, and he said, don't be surprise. :D He passed me his keys to his house. Went to my room to surf the net while I was outside busy talking to Soumya(housemate) and Rti(friend). Soumya was telling us how she and her boyfriend got together. SOOOO SWEET I tell ya. :) 5.40pm, I chased Darling out of my house. LOL.. to go for his lecture which starts at 6pm. :S

I went to darling's place to get a packet of rice and veggies to cook for dinner. Sheesh, when I saw his room, I'm like.. OMG.. haha.. ok.. so I cleaned his room, vacumm the carpet, fold the clothes, tidy the desk, washed the plates and mugs. Oh well...

Came home and started preparing dinner. Steamed fish with garlic, ginger and shitake mushrooms. Veggies... erm.. Darling cooked the veggies.. Tasted a little weird... boil veggies and the sauce was made of oyster sauce and kikoman soy sauce. yeah.. the soy sauce and oyster sauce don't mix well. But was still edible. Was quite disappointed that the fish was not too nice. Tasted fishy. I think it's not the right fish for steaming. Not familiar with the fishes here. :( But Darling still said that it was nice. And he finished it. :S oh well...

After dinner, I went to bathe. But was stopped by Soumya. She asked if I had earring and necklance to go with her dress. She was going for some function. She put on my purple crystal earring and necklance, it was nice, but wasn't outstanding enough. Lend her another pair of earrings, was nice and elegant. But she had to go and buy a match necklance. OH well... Then I bathed, and changed, packed my stuff and Darling and I headed for his place.

Was suppose to study.. But I only read 2 pages, and I fell asleep. :S Was only 11++pm then. But Darling was still busy studying 1 chapter till 3+am. Happen to woke up and see him. Had a nice little cuddle, then I slept again. :D

Woke up at 9am, to go to the toilet, found the lights on. Went back to bed again. Official woke up at 10am. Was tossing and turning in bed. Couldn't sleep. Starting studying.. Was quite a good progress I guess. Finished 2 chapters. Going on to my 3rd chaptere now...OH well... till then.... :)

*prays that next week goes well* got 2 assignment interviews and meeting the course advisor regarding my enrolment.. :/

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