Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sleepy Friday and Weekend

Friday was quite a slow day for me. Didn't do much things. Went to uni at 12noon, met Darling at 2pm. Had a slow "romantic" walk to Carnegie for lunch. Took us 30 mins to walk to our destination. Reached Sunny's and ordered Hokkien Noodles and Roasted Duck Rice as take aways. Lunch Take aways at Sunny's are cheap and good. Only $6.80 per take away. After which we went tp Carnegie Safeway, bought some chicken bones and chicken drumsticks. Bought some veggies from Carnegie Fresh Market and headed for our favourite Asian Grocery store to buy some Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste and Tom Yum Soup Mix. I bought some dried mangoes too.

Went home, made some chicken stock. Yeah, chicken rice was for dinner. Took an afternoon nap with Darling. So tired. I wonder why also. haha.. Woke up later see, Darling off at 5.30pm. He got a lecture at 6pm. I went online, and read Chinny's blog, and chated with her online for a while. Chatted with my hot salsaro Boonie too. I've been so out dated with all my friends. Feeling quite bad. My friend's down and I can't do anything about it. Sometimes I wish I'm in Singapore to help them. :(

oh well... started preparing dinner at 7.30pm. Yeah, wash veggies, cut garlic, cut ginger etc.. cannot say the whole secret recipe out. LOL.. cooked the rice at 8pm. Cooked everything by 8.30pm.. Waited for Darling to come home... *what does it sound like? chuckles...* We had dinner together.. and Darling washed up and we watch TV together. Superman was on, in tribute to Christopher Reeves. :( After TV, went to the room... hmmmm and SLEEP! hahahaha... No details spared... But was a fabulous night. We both enjoyed the night... :)

Yesterday was another sleepy and lazy day. I woke up at 12noon. Washed up, took a shower. Was done by 1pm. Then Darling woke up. Washed up, and we left for Carnegie at close to 2pm. Went to Safeway to buy some squid, prawns and fish. Bought veggies from the market, and went to the Asian Grocery to buy some crab stick and "ee mee". Went to Sunny's again (I wonder if they regconise us.. LOL) to buy Roasted Duck Rice (for me) and Nasi Lemak (for Daring).

Went back, had lunch at 3pm. After which, dont know why we took a NAP again!!! haha.. woke up at 7pm. Sheesh... Quickly woke up... went to my kitchen to get the seafiid and noodles and the Pepsi Max and went to Darling's house. Darling was the chef for the night. He cooked seafood Tom Yum soup with EE mee.. nice leh.. hehe.. Oh.. we only managed to have dinner at 10pm though.. Bad timing.. coz I was going to get my gastric again. Darling's hosuemate asked if we wanted to buy any computer stuff. Darling bought a web cam from him. Then Jason came over too.. To look at the computer stuff, and bought a hard disk case. Wanted to do work, but my stomach was hurting quite bad. Yeah, didn't manage to save the gastric in time. The juice has already come out. And the worse thing was that my gastric medicine was in my place. :( Lie on the bed trying to sleep.. Darling was so nice.. hehe.. hugged me, and showing his concern. Feel so loved... :P And I finally manage to sleep peacefully at 4am, when Darling came to ask me if I still had pain. And he hugged me sooo tight. :P oops.. yeah.. and we fell asleep, leaving Jason to his work.. until he fell asleep as well...


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