Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yesterday was not really a productive day. Went to uni at 1pm, but ended tutorial class at 2.3opm. Met Alan, Jason and Dearie when I was walking aimlessly in block B. Then went for late lunch with Alan and Dear. Had fish head bee hoon, Dear had curry chicken egg noodles while Alan ate chicken rice. Lunch was not too bad I guess, but I almost couldn't finish my food, was stuffing myself. :S If I didn't meet them, I wouldn't have had lunch either.

After lunch, I went to the library with Alan. He needed to borrow some database books. I went to look for space to work on so that Erandhi and I could work on our dreaded codes. We worked on some part of the logic, I guess I was the one who was typing the logic while Erandhi was helping me remember the syntax of java. Sheesh... :S Dearie came after that, he did his handheld assignment while Erandhi and I were studiously mugging on java. :/

Erandhi had to leave for her lecture at 5pm. I was left there to think of the logic myself. :( Oh well, I was trying to figure out some stuff. But time passed so fast, I had to go for lecture at 7pm. For the first time, lecture was so full of people. Usually, not many will attend the lecture. The lecturer went through the sample exam papers. Was quite pissed when I couldn't get hold of any of the handouts that the lecturer printed out. :( I was one of those who had been diligently going for lectures. This world is unfair. Tried to talk to the lecturer to post the handout on the web, so that more deserving students can refer to the handouts for revision.

Came home, had a quick dinner, look at the codes, And shit, I took a nap which ended up in a sleep. :S sighz.. I'm so dead....

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