Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oops... Lets see.. Back to Friday 1 October 2004

Haha.. I haven't blog for so long liao.. Cannot remember what I did also... I think Friday was not such a happening day as the other days.

Lets see, I spent the night at Darling's place.. Slept till lunch time. If I remember correctly, he cooked lunch. But I don't remember what we had. LOL... Darling had to go to uni for some project meeting at about 2pm and I went home to call the Toshiba support office in Melbourne. In summary, they said I had to bring my laptop to the place and let them analyse what's wrong with the laptop. Oh well... Kinda shitty, the place is about 1.5 hours away from my place. And I don't know where the place is. Ppl have been telling me drive there.. Yeah right, do I know the roads here well? hmmm... I will wait until week 13 or so when my assignments are all completed, then I will go with Lawrence who also need to repair his laptop.

After calling the support people, I went to Carnegie to buy a USB keyboard. If not I do not need to do my assignments already. Haha.. Oh well...... I bought a thumb drive too. To replace the one that I lost. :( In total I spent $18 on the keyboard and $70 on the 256mb thumb drive. Went to Safeway to get some of Darling's favourite Allen's mints and bought Tim Tam too. Wanted to know how it taste like. hee.. Oh.. bought "xiao bai chai" to cook for dinner too.

I can't remember what I did. Remember helping Phelicia to add her friend's blog into her blog page as well as adding a tag board so that people can comment. But time passed by really fast. I cooked pork for dinner.. so sad, darling didn't like it. :( Oh well.... I think I ended up watching TV while Darling used my computer space... and later.. we had our couply time. ;)

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