Friday, October 29, 2004

Oh I see...

So I see.. Friendster survey.. How many people actually read in depth? Hmmm.. Ok, I guess I'm wrong. But there are things that people would definitely see first in friendster, your profile and pictures. Do I need to say more? *smiles*

How about each time I open my wallet? What do I see? Doesn't it mean anything? My boyfriend did get jealous for a moment, but there's always other ways to solve the conflict. I have his picture in my handphone. Do I need to say more now?

I guess I'm more at peace since we're sending personal messages to each other rather than blogging which really sucky. Blogs are meant for us to express our feelings. Friendship should be resolved by thrashing it out. Then later put it in blogs. That's call communication. It's not communication when you put it in blog and expect people to read.

Blogs perhaps more like updating yourself and letting the people whom you care about to update yourself. Coz sometimes there is no way you can forever say everything that has happened for the day. Ok, maybe it's just me. I do need to get the mood to crank up stupid updates. Haha.. Oh well.. I guess everything should be fine for now I hope. :/

Till then...

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