Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Blues?

Slept over at dear's place. Came home at 10.30am, wash up, bathed, and ate breakfast. Ate quite a lot too.. Since it was near lunch, I had more bread. Sighz, boring...

Spent the whole afternoon doing my java which I totally forgotten. Shit, I'm really in hot soup this time. I'm so tired. Don't understand why the codes that I wrote cannot compile. I'm too tired to debug it. The toshiba ppl called me today too, when I wanna fix my laptop. I have to fix another day with them, coz I need my laptop to do assignments. Oh well...

Went to uni at 5.30pm. Took a nice and slow walk. Went for lecture and had a unit review, which was nothing much. Talked about examinations stuff. It's going to be an online exam. Cool eh? OH well... Went to tutorial, went a little of the practice exam online. Had my Eiffel interview assignment changed from Tues to Friday. Because Joe forgotten that he had a tutorial at 12noon tomorrow. Oh well..

Am having tom yum INSTANT soup now. Too lazy to cook anything. Am so tired.. I think my eyes are getting worse too. Cannot see properly. I think it's because of too much computer. ahh... :(

Today isn't a good day for me lah.. Oh well.. I'm having my soup already then zzz. Wake up tomorrow then go lecture then do java again. :(

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