Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Long time no BLOG! And Blogger has been pronouced as BURGER by DARLING.. haha

Sheesh, I haven't been updating my blog at all. Basically, last week I was packed with doing all my stupid assignments. Oh well, I'm glad that now I'm left with one more assignment.

The temperature went up to 30 degrees yesterday man... Was so hot, the sun was up, and the wind blew all the warm air. Was so so tired, the night before stayed at Darling's place to help with part of his assignment. Well, he helped me with another of my assignment mah... Oh well.. I didn't do much really, he still did most of the work. :( *so useless* Tried to take an afternoon nap, instead of waking up feeling better, I felt even worse. Had a BIG HEADACHE. I still had to cook dinner.. bleah... Cooked corn with carrot and onions soup, double boiled with chicken bone and black pepper beef. Darling still managed to sleep through the HOT afternoon. :S *piggy*

At night was spent doing my data communication presentation, while Darling did his documentation for his project. Of course, I helped him a little by correct his "PURRRRFECT" English. hehehe... Somehow we slept only at 4am in the morning. Documentation may seem easy but it is the most tedious part of the project.

Today isn't a very good day for me. Woke up and had to do this project reflections for Darling, print my presentation slides and handouts which gave me so much problems. And I didn't even get to print out my lecture notes for today somemore. Sigh... I guess the presentation was not too bad. But still... Oh well, didn't do as well as I wanted, coz I'm so so so so so sleepy.. Thanx to SOMEONE... An hour and a half later, had this system security test. I think I didn't do as well too.. didn't study finish. :( On the slightly brighter side, I scored a reasonable score for my presentation in system security.

Am currently at block K of uni, waiting for the next lecture to start. Saw Mel and Eunice going for lecture. Yeah... That means, I'm typing this blog to pass time. Haha... Using Darling's laptop. My laptop cannot be brought to Uni anymore. :( Coz keyboard not working properly. :( And stupid Darling is smelling me as if he is a MAN *Actually like a curious little puppy*. Don't know.. So "pian tai".. hahaha..

Oh k... lah... he thinks I'm insulting him *yup, he's beside me now..* but I'm just saying that he's cute? haaha... oh welll..... that's all for now I guess...

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