Thursday, October 07, 2004

KTV on 2 Oct, Saturday!

Darling spent the night at my place this time. Well, I woke up at about 11am and darling was still sleeping. I went to Carnegie market alone because I had nothing to cook in my fridge. Darling just continued sleeping *pig*

Bought some chicken wings, diced beef, pork chop, red pepper, corn, onions, carrots, chai xin, ka na and french beans. So heavy. :( Had to log them all the way back home. Bought lunch home, hainanese chicken rice for dear and char siew rice for myself. I didn't do much work... Dear and I started to fall asleep again.. hahaha.. afternoon nappy. :P

Woke up slightly later, went to Raymond's place with Mel to go KTV at Boxhill with Raymond(duhz), Tricia and Jo. Edwin couldn't join us in the end. He had to do assignments. Oh well.. Raymond let me drive his car from his place, Lygon Street, to Boxhill. Felt good driving again.

Had dinner at this Korean BBQ place at Boxhil, but we didn't BBQ because we didn't want to smell of food later. :P We share a bowl of miso veggie soup, chicken and pork. Was good, kinda ex though. Spent $11.40 there.

This time we started KTV earlier than the last time. We started the ball rolling at 8.30pm. Jo almost couldn't get into KTV because she couldn't prove that she was 18. :( The irritating people there say she cannot go in unless she got prove that she's of near our age. Bleah... They didn't believe that she was in Monash unless she showed her ID card. Oh sighz... Oh well.. in the end, Tricia somemore left her re-enrolment letter in her bag. Haha.. So Jo showed that to them saying that she's from Monash too. Haha.. Heng Singapore only allow above 18 to enter the university. :P

KTV was good.. Over ordered the food and drinks. :S Most of us wasn't in form too. Oh well, was still a good time spent.

Raymond allowed me to drive again.. hehe.. to send Mel and Tricia home, then let me drive home. By the time I reached home, dearie, who spent the evening at Jason's place had dinner and don't know what else they did, was waiting for me at home. Yeah, he had my keys for that evening.

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