Monday, October 25, 2004

If only you read and just ask me...

Come on.. I'm already stressful enough. I've told everyone to read to get themselves updated. I'm not that multi tasking. I've already told you... and this is what I get?

"Next, was the so called lousy friend that i knew i had become in the eyes of somebody. Overnight, i have downgraded from, a best fren to a normal fren. I always thought that distance wont affect a friendship, no matter how long, no matter how far, but guess i was so wrong. Marie, on the other hand, shown no signs of distancing even though shes also in australia. Disappointing i must guess. I guess i wont be contacting her for quite some time. "

I've been enduring the "I hate Alethea" this sentence for long. How about a person keep telling you that they hate you? Don't you think they have their limits? I've put this for really long. My world is already tumbling down enough. Don't I have enough already? I'm really stressed up ok?

"You saying me right? Sorry if you think I never update you. I'm really in trouble for my studies already. I haven't been msging ppl unless they msg me. And I attempted to msg you. But you gave me the cold shoulder saying that I never update you on my relationship? Come on. I told you already, you want you can read my blog. My relationship was like yours, that I have to find out for myself. You gave me the excuse that it might not be stable. Mine is not stable and problems are surfacing. And I do read your blog. I tried to give you support when I'm here. But this is what I get? Come on... Ok. So Marie doesn't show the distance factor. Right... And when I'm online and msged u? Now I don't msg you coz I know you're angry at ME again. What can I do? How can I update you? You keep saying you hate alethea. Then what? What you want me to do? Pls... can you put yourself in my shoes? Pretending you're taking my course?

I've also told my mom if you need help on your 21st, you can msg her. She is there to help you in place of me. Be it whether I've downgraded from your best friend to your normal friend, you're still my friend and I will try to be one."

Can you just think of the times we spent together instead of just one incident? And your part as a friend? I think I've been sensitive enough not trying not to hurt you. But there are always loop holes in friendship as well. There's no such thing as perfect rose. Come on.. sometimes when I msg you, you're in the office and complained last time that you're in the office and you need to work. Ok, you're msn is on in the afternoon, but I won't disturb you. Am I not trying to be tackful enough? Evening I msged you, all I get is the "I hate Alethea" Pls..........................

Just tell me what you want from me ok?

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Anonymous said...

sometimes i feel like you do. feel like cutting and pasting all that you wrote to a friend of mine... argh!!
hope you are feeling better now... -hugx-