Monday, October 25, 2004

I don't know what feelings I'm getting. But things seems normal again. But the event will stay in my heart for sometime. I don't wanan bother about salvaging anything. Need to concentrate on my studies.

Sunday, I still went over to his place for lunch. We cooked together... Yeah, oh well... He cooked fish while I cooked the veggies. The fish was... hmm should i say that we are not familiar with the fish here. :S Then we studied together in the afternoon. I cooked dinner.. Don't know what's wrong with me also.. My chicken herbal soup was a little to salty.. my veggies was too salty.. sighz... Oh well.... I don't know if I forgiven him, but we did couply stuff. He took a shower before we head for my place and studied together and spent the night. Haha.. was so funny when he was taking his shower. :S OH well... details spared!

Came to my place, I read a little of my notes, while he continued studying.. Then I woke up at 2am.. Finding him talking on Skype with his mother. And he sent my pictures to his mother. Sheesh. Oh well... His mother commented that I was short. Oh well.. I am short what.. fat and ugly too.. follow my mom's genes.. shortie.... :S After that.. hmm sleep of course. :
Today, I woke up first.. as usual.. had my breakfast... talked to Soumya.. hang around.. then Darling woke up.. and we started cooking Tom yam soup together.. for lunch.. Let the soup boiled, while we studied.. the soup was not bad. but he added a little too much soy sauce. But it was still good. had some left overs for dinner as well... cooked a little too much..

After lunch, I went to prepare for my assignment interview which I screwed up last Friday. Don't know why.. he asked so many questions and I could answer all. sighz.. there goes my distinctions... the tutor actually said I could get a distinction, but because it's re-interview, I can't get it. Only perhaps settle for a low credit. Am disappointed, but there's nothign I can do anyway.. Oh well...

Boguht take aways for dinner. bought somemore starburst, mints for him and a bottle of coke and some milk. Had dinner at 6pm. then bump around a little... then he went home to study... and I'm here getting scolding from Chin Fee and Pheli. Pheli threatened to slap me if I don't do something. Chin Fee is just waking me up. How?

I know all my friends out there, you care for me a lot. But pls let me finish my exams first? I need time to think properly after the exams. I cannot think if anythign else but for my exams.. Just let me be in my wonderland first and study.. I know I'm being a fucking idiot now.. But.. yah.. I'm a girl.... I have the girly feelings... Till then.... I'll see how serious is he first with the relationship.. since it's slightly a step ahead now. His family "knows" my existance.

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