Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Farked up Tuesday

Well, I just felt that today was a f***ed up day. Reached uni at 9am, attended Data Communications Lecture. Was not bad. But lecture was a little longer than usual, lost concentration for a while. It was a review lecture that's why.

Ended lecture at 11am. Msged Dear, thought that he was in uni having his lessons till 12 noon. But he called and said that he's at home. :( sad sad.. Had lunch alone at Caulfield Plaza, mixed sushi. Was not bad, but ate alone. felt a little lonely... :( Oh well....

Finished lunchie at 12 noon.. Walk to Blk B to look for labs so that Erandhi and I could do our java. Blk B was full man! Sheesh... Had to go to another block. Met Alan when I was on my way to Blk K. Went to block K and find a computer. Oh well, I was munching on Starburst again. :( Alan saw me with my starburst again. haha.. Oh well.. He went to Coles to buy me another type of gummy which was slightly more sour then other gummies. Erandhi came, and we worked on our assignment, somehow my codes which I was stucked with the day before worked on the version that she edited. Oh well.. crazy java. hahaha.. Dearie came to look for me after his class, helped me with the java coding, and I was not to disturb him while he was coding. Oh well.. it's working partly now, the display and stuff, I'm left with the logic.

Dearie and I went for dinner at Malaya's cafe. Had char kway teow and he had seafood fried rice. Went to Jason's place to pay off some debts, then headed home, showered, cuddle a while, then head to Dearie's place.

Did very little things on the java project. That's why I'm feeling F***ed up. I hope Erandhi has some good solutions. :S *prays*

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