Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Crazy Melbourne Weather...

It was a HOT and SUNNY weather yesterday, 30+ degrees. And at night it was still quite warm, at 20 degrees. I had to on the fan to sleep. Imagine that... and today... it's a cool and wet day.. at 24 degrees and now, night time.. it's a freaking 11 degreese.. How crazy is that?

The night is so cold. I was so cold standing waiting for the security bus to send me home after lecture just now. The bus made me waited for 45 mins. If I know that the bus will take so long, I would have walked home. At least I only need to take 30 mins to walk home. :S

Gees, I've been thinking in lecture that I wanna wake up early tomorrow to go jogging. I need to lose those extra flabs man.. aiming for a 33-24/25-33 kind of body.. someone like it. :( sighz.. oh well.. I've cut down my snacking too.. Except that I have ice cream in my freezer now. opps.. :P 2 tubs somemore... 1 is dearie's and 1 is mine.. wah ahahahhaha

Shit, I'm a little hungry now, but I don't feel like eating.. how how how?? Shall I go to sleep? hahaha.. maybe ha... talk finish to pheli on Msn via web cam first.. hehehe.. so fun.. :P

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