Friday, October 01, 2004

Boring Thursday... Made interesting by dear in the end...

Thursday... Lets see.. By the time I woke up, it was almost lunch time. Cooked veggies and made the sauages and burger patties hot. And tada! That was lunch. Dear woke up at 1pm and we had lunch together.

I was suppose to meet Erandhi at 2pm, but I reached uni at 2.30pm. :S OH well... We spent the whole afternoon discussing the documentation for SDI and redoing the GUI for stage 2. Oh well.. At the end, my eyes were quite sore.. Erandhi's were really sore. She wasn't used to it. I won't be surprise if my degree goes up again. :(

Dear went to uni to play table tennis, naturally, I went to look for him to go home together. He and Jason were playing against some other people. I could smell sweat around.. but don't know who's sweat was it. Wasn't Dear's.. He didn't sweat at all. Oh well.. :S

We walked a different route to Carnegie. Went by a DARK route. LOL.. Ok.. The lights are not that strong.. Oh well, I feel safe. :P Walked passed a lot of houses, saw nice, ugly houses. LOL..

Went to Safeway first to buy some ready to eat breakfast, bread, dish washing liquid, laundry powder, milk and some other personal stuff. After which, we went to Sunny's for dinner. I had "sheng mian" while Dear had Tom Yam Noodles soup. Dinner was good.. went well with tea.

And shit... on the way home, my bag slip off my shoulder. :( My laptop is inside.. and guess what.. the keyboard is bonkas. :'( Went to Dear's place over night to use him comp... and feeling sore.... But he was always nice to make me feel happy... We share supper too. Was nice.. oh well.. that's the day for Thurs... :S

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