Saturday, October 23, 2004

Another lazy saturday...

Oh well, by the time Darling woke up, it was already 1pm. Gave him to wake up fully and wash up. By the time we left his place, it was almost 2pm. Had to buy take away from Sunny's again. I bought "Char Siew" rice and Darling had "Siew Yok" rice.

Went to Safeway and bought some fish, sotong, bread, chicken bones and chicken. Darling bought PURA milk. We bought Sara Lee chocolate cakes. Had a craving for it. Bought some veggies, onions and eggs from Carnegie Market place too. Went to the Asian Grocery to buy some tom yam soup paste and bee hoon and ee mee.

By the time we reached home was almost 3.30pm. Had our lunch and had couply time from 4 til 5.haha... oh well.. then he rested while I chatted online with my fav bro, Kok Fei. Chit chatted with Soumya for a while, had my shower, and Darling and I left my place at 7.30pm. Took the food to Darling's place. Cooked dinner together.. cooked eggs with luncheon meat and onions and stir fried veggies with dried scallops.

Chatted with Darling's housemates about sharing an apartment together. Was quite a good plan though. We could get a nice place at a good price. Will have to take a look at it after our exams though. :S Am quite excited about staying together and getting out of my current place. My housemates are nice, but there are ppl who just don't keep the house clean. Can't stand dirty places. Oh well... Got to study now. Till then....


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