Sunday, October 31, 2004


Well, I have been busy studying for my exams. And it seems to amazing that I can remember what I learnt during lecture and tutorial just by simply reading my notes again. Everything seems to reappear. And I don't exactly feel nervous about my exams at all. I'm not sure if it is a good sign or a bad sign. I usually am nervous. Hmmm...

Besides studying yesterday, Dear was so nice to make me feel comfortable. I had an amazing time. Took a nap and woke up again to study. Dinner was good, had tom yam soup. Had some juicy pears too. Read a little of my notes and I was sooo sleepy. Haha..I guess the good dinner was taking a toll on me. :S I took a nap, and I almost couldn't wake up. Haha... Dear was trying all ways to wake me up totally, but I just keep saying "5 more minutes". :x hehehe... Then he decided to play this game he found online.. which had a scary theme. It was to spot the difference between 2 pictures. Seems nothing right? Until you found all the differences, a freaky pictures will pop out all of the sudden. I got scare and woke up from my dreamy mood. Haha.. I didn't even hear the sound from this stupid game. Because Dear was having the headphones on. Bleah.... :S *I'm a scardy cat.. :(* Still.. I got scared...

This early morning was also the sign of a warm weather coming too. At 2 am, 31 October, we have to switch all our clocks and watches to 3am. It is called day light savings. We have this in Melbourne because there's going to be more sunlight earlier than it is suppose to. Hmm.. Get what I mean? In summer, we have sun earlier in the morning, and the sun sets slightly later too. Interesting? Hmmm... Thanx to my housemate, Ika, for letting Dear and I know, if not we will be too early for our exams. haahaa.. :P

At this time, I also made a phone call back to Singapore. Wishing my best friend a Happy 21st Birthday. I wish you happiness and may all your wishes come true. Sorry I can't be there. And I hope that you enjoyed your party. :)

All back home, just a quick update. I will be in Singapore on the 19 Nov. I think... And I will be returning to Melbourne on the 3 Jan 2005.

Till then...

Friday, October 29, 2004

Oh I see...

So I see.. Friendster survey.. How many people actually read in depth? Hmmm.. Ok, I guess I'm wrong. But there are things that people would definitely see first in friendster, your profile and pictures. Do I need to say more? *smiles*

How about each time I open my wallet? What do I see? Doesn't it mean anything? My boyfriend did get jealous for a moment, but there's always other ways to solve the conflict. I have his picture in my handphone. Do I need to say more now?

I guess I'm more at peace since we're sending personal messages to each other rather than blogging which really sucky. Blogs are meant for us to express our feelings. Friendship should be resolved by thrashing it out. Then later put it in blogs. That's call communication. It's not communication when you put it in blog and expect people to read.

Blogs perhaps more like updating yourself and letting the people whom you care about to update yourself. Coz sometimes there is no way you can forever say everything that has happened for the day. Ok, maybe it's just me. I do need to get the mood to crank up stupid updates. Haha.. Oh well.. I guess everything should be fine for now I hope. :/

Till then...

Thank you everyone...

I'm really touched by everyone's actions and concern. I'm not trying to display any sort of how mean the person is to me. Just that I don't understand what went wrong with the friendship until it was writen on a blog and I had to find it out myself. And even if I had privately msged you, you've chosen to put it on the blog without answering much.

Well, this is my blog, and I will write things that concerns me, be it I took it from else where. Since it's already a copied and paste thing about me and people are not happy about it, if you want it as a real privacy, don't write it on a blog. A blog is an online thing and anyone can access it and read and who knows what will happen. *sheesh, am I getting technical here?* Exams.. haha.. Ok, I won't copy and paste anymore, and just write my interpretation of what the whole thing means. Oh well... Sometimes interpretation do get wrong. Others may help me with it. Oh well... :/

I'm feeling much much better now. You guys can say that I'm giving my guy one more chance. I don't wanna feel too bugged down by anymore broken relationships (friends or boyfriends or whatever). I just need to study now. He is still nice to me and appears repentant after the whole incident. He even planned what to do after the exams.. *hehe* Oh well... Will take things easy and see how things goes.. :S

You can say that we're back to the lovey dovey mood again. Where I cook, he cuddles etc. But we've been really busy and stressed studying hard. Plus the weather here is cold again, but the forecast says that it will be better soon. A max of 30 degrees on Sunday. Yesterday was a cooling 18 degrees. :S Nice weather for sleeping. LOL...

Just a quick update of what's about to come. I might be arriving Singapore earlier than expected. I don't know when, depending on which date I can get a return home ticket. If not, I will definitely be back on the 18 Dec and flying off on probably the last week of Dec of first week of Jan. That's because I have to do a summer unit that starts on 5 Jan and ends on 18 Feb. I will miss Chinese New Year at back. But I guess it could be worth it. I'll be getting my Bachelors by the end of 2005. *yuppie* And I most probably doing some subjects to be CISCO certified.

You won't hear much from me on the blog for the next 2 weeks or so. Will be studying, exams starts next Monday. 2 papers on that day.. *sobs* and another paper the next day. That is 3 papers within 2 days. Oh well...

Haha.. a note to a good friend in salsa.. I will try to comment back into my own blog, but sometimes I prefer to talk/chat to the person online so that I can get more understanding out of everything. Hmm get what I'm saying? *winks*So.. come online more often! haha.. Like I will be online that often.. But I will try! ;)

Till then...

Monday, October 25, 2004

If only you read and just ask me...

Come on.. I'm already stressful enough. I've told everyone to read to get themselves updated. I'm not that multi tasking. I've already told you... and this is what I get?

"Next, was the so called lousy friend that i knew i had become in the eyes of somebody. Overnight, i have downgraded from, a best fren to a normal fren. I always thought that distance wont affect a friendship, no matter how long, no matter how far, but guess i was so wrong. Marie, on the other hand, shown no signs of distancing even though shes also in australia. Disappointing i must guess. I guess i wont be contacting her for quite some time. "

I've been enduring the "I hate Alethea" this sentence for long. How about a person keep telling you that they hate you? Don't you think they have their limits? I've put this for really long. My world is already tumbling down enough. Don't I have enough already? I'm really stressed up ok?

"You saying me right? Sorry if you think I never update you. I'm really in trouble for my studies already. I haven't been msging ppl unless they msg me. And I attempted to msg you. But you gave me the cold shoulder saying that I never update you on my relationship? Come on. I told you already, you want you can read my blog. My relationship was like yours, that I have to find out for myself. You gave me the excuse that it might not be stable. Mine is not stable and problems are surfacing. And I do read your blog. I tried to give you support when I'm here. But this is what I get? Come on... Ok. So Marie doesn't show the distance factor. Right... And when I'm online and msged u? Now I don't msg you coz I know you're angry at ME again. What can I do? How can I update you? You keep saying you hate alethea. Then what? What you want me to do? Pls... can you put yourself in my shoes? Pretending you're taking my course?

I've also told my mom if you need help on your 21st, you can msg her. She is there to help you in place of me. Be it whether I've downgraded from your best friend to your normal friend, you're still my friend and I will try to be one."

Can you just think of the times we spent together instead of just one incident? And your part as a friend? I think I've been sensitive enough not trying not to hurt you. But there are always loop holes in friendship as well. There's no such thing as perfect rose. Come on.. sometimes when I msg you, you're in the office and complained last time that you're in the office and you need to work. Ok, you're msn is on in the afternoon, but I won't disturb you. Am I not trying to be tackful enough? Evening I msged you, all I get is the "I hate Alethea" Pls..........................

Just tell me what you want from me ok?
I don't know what feelings I'm getting. But things seems normal again. But the event will stay in my heart for sometime. I don't wanan bother about salvaging anything. Need to concentrate on my studies.

Sunday, I still went over to his place for lunch. We cooked together... Yeah, oh well... He cooked fish while I cooked the veggies. The fish was... hmm should i say that we are not familiar with the fish here. :S Then we studied together in the afternoon. I cooked dinner.. Don't know what's wrong with me also.. My chicken herbal soup was a little to salty.. my veggies was too salty.. sighz... Oh well.... I don't know if I forgiven him, but we did couply stuff. He took a shower before we head for my place and studied together and spent the night. Haha.. was so funny when he was taking his shower. :S OH well... details spared!

Came to my place, I read a little of my notes, while he continued studying.. Then I woke up at 2am.. Finding him talking on Skype with his mother. And he sent my pictures to his mother. Sheesh. Oh well... His mother commented that I was short. Oh well.. I am short what.. fat and ugly too.. follow my mom's genes.. shortie.... :S After that.. hmm sleep of course. :
Today, I woke up first.. as usual.. had my breakfast... talked to Soumya.. hang around.. then Darling woke up.. and we started cooking Tom yam soup together.. for lunch.. Let the soup boiled, while we studied.. the soup was not bad. but he added a little too much soy sauce. But it was still good. had some left overs for dinner as well... cooked a little too much..

After lunch, I went to prepare for my assignment interview which I screwed up last Friday. Don't know why.. he asked so many questions and I could answer all. sighz.. there goes my distinctions... the tutor actually said I could get a distinction, but because it's re-interview, I can't get it. Only perhaps settle for a low credit. Am disappointed, but there's nothign I can do anyway.. Oh well...

Boguht take aways for dinner. bought somemore starburst, mints for him and a bottle of coke and some milk. Had dinner at 6pm. then bump around a little... then he went home to study... and I'm here getting scolding from Chin Fee and Pheli. Pheli threatened to slap me if I don't do something. Chin Fee is just waking me up. How?

I know all my friends out there, you care for me a lot. But pls let me finish my exams first? I need time to think properly after the exams. I cannot think if anythign else but for my exams.. Just let me be in my wonderland first and study.. I know I'm being a fucking idiot now.. But.. yah.. I'm a girl.... I have the girly feelings... Till then.... I'll see how serious is he first with the relationship.. since it's slightly a step ahead now. His family "knows" my existance.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Well, I don't know what title to put for this blog. I'm really hurt by what happened last night. I'm losing my concentration here. Tjun finally cleared my doubt about why he created another account of friendster. I'm really shattered. Will not state why here. It's too personal. Why does my relationship always hurt me? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough for my guy?

My first boyfriend dumped me because he said that the long distance relationship was not working for him. Saying that it's difficult and all. And I really gave him so much freedom, I don't expect him to call me everyday, just chatting online is good enough. And I even allowed him to join ballroom dancing. What more can you ask of a girlfriend? I can say that he found another girl in Aussie then. Kept saying that it was not a third party... Anyway, he failed the "BIG" test. Well, he said that it's a big test for the both of us. Well, he failed it big time. I was really hurt, I put so much into the relationship and it ends up this way. I remember crying for a month. We never contact since. And I don't wish to either. I have no feelings for him anymore. They say that first love is the one that stays, for me, this one is DEAD.

Second boyfriend was quite nice. Except for who I am, but we broke up after 5 months. I didn't cry, though very sad. Even after the break up, we were still acting like couples which I HATED. I so longed to come Melbourne and throw the past behind. And we're still friends now. He talks about times when we were together, and I felt really akward. I don't like to talk about the past. And when I asked what was our status, he just don't answer me at all. And now when I'm in Melbourne, he's like saying things like "Why don't we get engaged when you're back?" and "What would your parents think if we get engaged?". Yeah, he did say before that he still loves me. But when I needed the answer from him the last time, he didn't even answer me. What the F*** is going on to my world? Why is it so complicated?

And now, my boyfriend... I don't know what to say. Wanting to tackle another girl back home? I'm putting so much effort into this relationship. Can't you see? I really love him a lot. Well, it grew from a like to love now. Only 2 months, yeah.. but we see each other everyday. Don't expect things don't happen.

Can someone just tell me what's wrong with me? Am I not good enough? I cook for my guy, cleaned his room, make sure that he don't starve. Gives him his comfort. Ok.. fine, I'm fat.. So? If you think my fatness bother you, then don't bother about me being your girl. Get the idea? I'm already trying to lose weight here. And losing weight doesn't happen overnight. It's hard to lose weight here... It just hard, I need a breather...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Another lazy saturday...

Oh well, by the time Darling woke up, it was already 1pm. Gave him to wake up fully and wash up. By the time we left his place, it was almost 2pm. Had to buy take away from Sunny's again. I bought "Char Siew" rice and Darling had "Siew Yok" rice.

Went to Safeway and bought some fish, sotong, bread, chicken bones and chicken. Darling bought PURA milk. We bought Sara Lee chocolate cakes. Had a craving for it. Bought some veggies, onions and eggs from Carnegie Market place too. Went to the Asian Grocery to buy some tom yam soup paste and bee hoon and ee mee.

By the time we reached home was almost 3.30pm. Had our lunch and had couply time from 4 til 5.haha... oh well.. then he rested while I chatted online with my fav bro, Kok Fei. Chit chatted with Soumya for a while, had my shower, and Darling and I left my place at 7.30pm. Took the food to Darling's place. Cooked dinner together.. cooked eggs with luncheon meat and onions and stir fried veggies with dried scallops.

Chatted with Darling's housemates about sharing an apartment together. Was quite a good plan though. We could get a nice place at a good price. Will have to take a look at it after our exams though. :S Am quite excited about staying together and getting out of my current place. My housemates are nice, but there are ppl who just don't keep the house clean. Can't stand dirty places. Oh well... Got to study now. Till then....


This week is not too good for me. :(

Oh well, on thursday, my partner and I rush our SDI project, which involves java programming. Sighz and our due time was 6pm lecture and we were not even half way through. I had a misconcept that my partner had completed most of the report. But to my disappoint and shocked, it was less than half done when she showed it to me. :(I was thinking shit, we will never be able to finish it. The last time I had a similiar project, it took my group of 5 to finish it in one semester. And I had to finish it within less than 10 hours? What to do, I was practically cracking my brains to complete 5 ppl's work within the short period of time. My partner was there, just nodding if she understood what I was doing and contributed some ideas. The programming was not even half done. We only did part of the system. I don't have the time to complete it. I was already booked the week before for another assignment. And again, my partner said that she would do some work. Yeah, she did... Only linking up all the interfaces that I designed together. (-_-") I'm not saying that she is not hardworking, but she should have brought up earlier that she didn't quite understand what's to be done. She's a nice girl, I still enjoyed working with her. I would work with her again, but not repeating the same mistakes. Oh.. in the end, I had to run all the way to uni to hand in the assignment on time. Sighz, I almost had an asthma attack. Spring time has a lot of pollen in the air you see. Sigh...

Friday was definitely not too good as well... Dearie and I went to Uni together (yeah, he stayed over the night before). Went for my Eiffel interview. I have to redo the interview again. My tutor said that I was not in the mood for the interview. Saying that I wasn't up to his expectation today. I couldn't help myself but to cry. Was really disappointed. It was a group interview. My partner (another guy) was practically answering my tutor by saying "I think" in all his answers to the tutor. I was shocked to hear it. It's an assignment interview, and you keep saying "I think", sheesh, what will the tutor think. I was so shocked and didn't know what to say. Yeah, I did the coding with Tjun and Jason. Though I did the least coding, I more or less understood the program. But sheesh, I couldn't answer my tutor. And that part, I was explaining to Joe the other day. :( I really feel F***ed UP. sighz.. My tutor was really nice, he said that I was too stressed, because the day before I had to hand in another assignment, saying that I was too stressed and he understood that. The point I'm disappointed was that I don't think I will score as high as I want for this assignment now. I'm really feeling very sore.

Anyway, on the brighter side.... :) Darling and I went for lunchie together. As usual, he always makes me laugh with his crappiness. Oh well, he headed to Jason's place to study, while I went to Carnegie to buy some fish and some personal things. Yeah, was planning to steam fish. Called Dearie, and he was sleeping! sheesh... oh well.. I went home and cleaned up my room.

Topped up my hp and called Boon Cheong. Yeah, long distance call. Was nice to hear Boon Cheong again. Was his birthday. Quite sad that I cannot dance with him for his birthday dance. Sorry Boonie... :( But I hope when I'm back, we'll dance many many times ok? Including the bachata. :/

Not long later, Dearie came over to my place at 5pm. Was surprised, and he said, don't be surprise. :D He passed me his keys to his house. Went to my room to surf the net while I was outside busy talking to Soumya(housemate) and Rti(friend). Soumya was telling us how she and her boyfriend got together. SOOOO SWEET I tell ya. :) 5.40pm, I chased Darling out of my house. LOL.. to go for his lecture which starts at 6pm. :S

I went to darling's place to get a packet of rice and veggies to cook for dinner. Sheesh, when I saw his room, I'm like.. OMG.. haha.. ok.. so I cleaned his room, vacumm the carpet, fold the clothes, tidy the desk, washed the plates and mugs. Oh well...

Came home and started preparing dinner. Steamed fish with garlic, ginger and shitake mushrooms. Veggies... erm.. Darling cooked the veggies.. Tasted a little weird... boil veggies and the sauce was made of oyster sauce and kikoman soy sauce. yeah.. the soy sauce and oyster sauce don't mix well. But was still edible. Was quite disappointed that the fish was not too nice. Tasted fishy. I think it's not the right fish for steaming. Not familiar with the fishes here. :( But Darling still said that it was nice. And he finished it. :S oh well...

After dinner, I went to bathe. But was stopped by Soumya. She asked if I had earring and necklance to go with her dress. She was going for some function. She put on my purple crystal earring and necklance, it was nice, but wasn't outstanding enough. Lend her another pair of earrings, was nice and elegant. But she had to go and buy a match necklance. OH well... Then I bathed, and changed, packed my stuff and Darling and I headed for his place.

Was suppose to study.. But I only read 2 pages, and I fell asleep. :S Was only 11++pm then. But Darling was still busy studying 1 chapter till 3+am. Happen to woke up and see him. Had a nice little cuddle, then I slept again. :D

Woke up at 9am, to go to the toilet, found the lights on. Went back to bed again. Official woke up at 10am. Was tossing and turning in bed. Couldn't sleep. Starting studying.. Was quite a good progress I guess. Finished 2 chapters. Going on to my 3rd chaptere now...OH well... till then.... :)

*prays that next week goes well* got 2 assignment interviews and meeting the course advisor regarding my enrolment.. :/

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The BRA test...

Hee... Came across Yuling's blog and took the bra test.. And tada!! The results as follows:

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Yesterday was not really a productive day. Went to uni at 1pm, but ended tutorial class at 2.3opm. Met Alan, Jason and Dearie when I was walking aimlessly in block B. Then went for late lunch with Alan and Dear. Had fish head bee hoon, Dear had curry chicken egg noodles while Alan ate chicken rice. Lunch was not too bad I guess, but I almost couldn't finish my food, was stuffing myself. :S If I didn't meet them, I wouldn't have had lunch either.

After lunch, I went to the library with Alan. He needed to borrow some database books. I went to look for space to work on so that Erandhi and I could work on our dreaded codes. We worked on some part of the logic, I guess I was the one who was typing the logic while Erandhi was helping me remember the syntax of java. Sheesh... :S Dearie came after that, he did his handheld assignment while Erandhi and I were studiously mugging on java. :/

Erandhi had to leave for her lecture at 5pm. I was left there to think of the logic myself. :( Oh well, I was trying to figure out some stuff. But time passed so fast, I had to go for lecture at 7pm. For the first time, lecture was so full of people. Usually, not many will attend the lecture. The lecturer went through the sample exam papers. Was quite pissed when I couldn't get hold of any of the handouts that the lecturer printed out. :( I was one of those who had been diligently going for lectures. This world is unfair. Tried to talk to the lecturer to post the handout on the web, so that more deserving students can refer to the handouts for revision.

Came home, had a quick dinner, look at the codes, And shit, I took a nap which ended up in a sleep. :S sighz.. I'm so dead....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Farked up Tuesday

Well, I just felt that today was a f***ed up day. Reached uni at 9am, attended Data Communications Lecture. Was not bad. But lecture was a little longer than usual, lost concentration for a while. It was a review lecture that's why.

Ended lecture at 11am. Msged Dear, thought that he was in uni having his lessons till 12 noon. But he called and said that he's at home. :( sad sad.. Had lunch alone at Caulfield Plaza, mixed sushi. Was not bad, but ate alone. felt a little lonely... :( Oh well....

Finished lunchie at 12 noon.. Walk to Blk B to look for labs so that Erandhi and I could do our java. Blk B was full man! Sheesh... Had to go to another block. Met Alan when I was on my way to Blk K. Went to block K and find a computer. Oh well, I was munching on Starburst again. :( Alan saw me with my starburst again. haha.. Oh well.. He went to Coles to buy me another type of gummy which was slightly more sour then other gummies. Erandhi came, and we worked on our assignment, somehow my codes which I was stucked with the day before worked on the version that she edited. Oh well.. crazy java. hahaha.. Dearie came to look for me after his class, helped me with the java coding, and I was not to disturb him while he was coding. Oh well.. it's working partly now, the display and stuff, I'm left with the logic.

Dearie and I went for dinner at Malaya's cafe. Had char kway teow and he had seafood fried rice. Went to Jason's place to pay off some debts, then headed home, showered, cuddle a while, then head to Dearie's place.

Did very little things on the java project. That's why I'm feeling F***ed up. I hope Erandhi has some good solutions. :S *prays*

Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Blues?

Slept over at dear's place. Came home at 10.30am, wash up, bathed, and ate breakfast. Ate quite a lot too.. Since it was near lunch, I had more bread. Sighz, boring...

Spent the whole afternoon doing my java which I totally forgotten. Shit, I'm really in hot soup this time. I'm so tired. Don't understand why the codes that I wrote cannot compile. I'm too tired to debug it. The toshiba ppl called me today too, when I wanna fix my laptop. I have to fix another day with them, coz I need my laptop to do assignments. Oh well...

Went to uni at 5.30pm. Took a nice and slow walk. Went for lecture and had a unit review, which was nothing much. Talked about examinations stuff. It's going to be an online exam. Cool eh? OH well... Went to tutorial, went a little of the practice exam online. Had my Eiffel interview assignment changed from Tues to Friday. Because Joe forgotten that he had a tutorial at 12noon tomorrow. Oh well..

Am having tom yum INSTANT soup now. Too lazy to cook anything. Am so tired.. I think my eyes are getting worse too. Cannot see properly. I think it's because of too much computer. ahh... :(

Today isn't a good day for me lah.. Oh well.. I'm having my soup already then zzz. Wake up tomorrow then go lecture then do java again. :(

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Lazy Sunday...

Yeah, I do read comments on my blog. Thankie Chin, yeah, it's hard. Sometimes I wish I'm at home. And have someone to vent my stupidity to (my Mom). Just that my boyfriend and I are getting closer everyday I think. But there are still a lot of things to learn about each other. And I know that we're not perfect, which might lead me to some sort of jealousy. I never believe that a relationship is always rosy anyway. It's good to know things early then to know later. Let him know how I feel, which I did, clarify... Yeah.. I guess... At least I'm not hiding things from him. Oh well...

Haa.. I woke up the earliest among the 3 of us today. 10.30am. then Jason, 11am. Darling was the last as usual... I checked email.. Dont know why so long also. hahaha.. Jason and Darling cooked lunch.. Haha.. We had Ee mee and chicken burger pattie(dont know keep for how long already. LOL...) and some veggies. Oh well... After that we all headed to Darling's room to do our work. Hmm I came home at 3pm though. Could get much work done with all the "pian tai" things that was talking around in the room. :D

Neh.. I had to come home to do my laundry if not I have nothing to wear for the week. Okok.. to be more specific, it's no underwear to wear. hahaha... :P Helping Darling to wash some of his clothes too. He ah.. hai.. dont know how long never wash clothes already..

Ok.. I just ate some ice cream. hahaha.. oops.. Am going to Darling's place after the laundry is done. He's cooking seafood mee.. yummy.. *drools*

Sleepy Friday and Weekend

Friday was quite a slow day for me. Didn't do much things. Went to uni at 12noon, met Darling at 2pm. Had a slow "romantic" walk to Carnegie for lunch. Took us 30 mins to walk to our destination. Reached Sunny's and ordered Hokkien Noodles and Roasted Duck Rice as take aways. Lunch Take aways at Sunny's are cheap and good. Only $6.80 per take away. After which we went tp Carnegie Safeway, bought some chicken bones and chicken drumsticks. Bought some veggies from Carnegie Fresh Market and headed for our favourite Asian Grocery store to buy some Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste and Tom Yum Soup Mix. I bought some dried mangoes too.

Went home, made some chicken stock. Yeah, chicken rice was for dinner. Took an afternoon nap with Darling. So tired. I wonder why also. haha.. Woke up later see, Darling off at 5.30pm. He got a lecture at 6pm. I went online, and read Chinny's blog, and chated with her online for a while. Chatted with my hot salsaro Boonie too. I've been so out dated with all my friends. Feeling quite bad. My friend's down and I can't do anything about it. Sometimes I wish I'm in Singapore to help them. :(

oh well... started preparing dinner at 7.30pm. Yeah, wash veggies, cut garlic, cut ginger etc.. cannot say the whole secret recipe out. LOL.. cooked the rice at 8pm. Cooked everything by 8.30pm.. Waited for Darling to come home... *what does it sound like? chuckles...* We had dinner together.. and Darling washed up and we watch TV together. Superman was on, in tribute to Christopher Reeves. :( After TV, went to the room... hmmmm and SLEEP! hahahaha... No details spared... But was a fabulous night. We both enjoyed the night... :)

Yesterday was another sleepy and lazy day. I woke up at 12noon. Washed up, took a shower. Was done by 1pm. Then Darling woke up. Washed up, and we left for Carnegie at close to 2pm. Went to Safeway to buy some squid, prawns and fish. Bought veggies from the market, and went to the Asian Grocery to buy some crab stick and "ee mee". Went to Sunny's again (I wonder if they regconise us.. LOL) to buy Roasted Duck Rice (for me) and Nasi Lemak (for Daring).

Went back, had lunch at 3pm. After which, dont know why we took a NAP again!!! haha.. woke up at 7pm. Sheesh... Quickly woke up... went to my kitchen to get the seafiid and noodles and the Pepsi Max and went to Darling's house. Darling was the chef for the night. He cooked seafood Tom Yum soup with EE mee.. nice leh.. hehe.. Oh.. we only managed to have dinner at 10pm though.. Bad timing.. coz I was going to get my gastric again. Darling's hosuemate asked if we wanted to buy any computer stuff. Darling bought a web cam from him. Then Jason came over too.. To look at the computer stuff, and bought a hard disk case. Wanted to do work, but my stomach was hurting quite bad. Yeah, didn't manage to save the gastric in time. The juice has already come out. And the worse thing was that my gastric medicine was in my place. :( Lie on the bed trying to sleep.. Darling was so nice.. hehe.. hugged me, and showing his concern. Feel so loved... :P And I finally manage to sleep peacefully at 4am, when Darling came to ask me if I still had pain. And he hugged me sooo tight. :P oops.. yeah.. and we fell asleep, leaving Jason to his work.. until he fell asleep as well...


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Alright... He's half forgiven...

Was interrogating him when I was in the bus going home about what I saw on the Internet. He claims it's nothing, and I "pretended" to throw "little lady's temper". Then he asked if I had dinner, and I haven't had dinner yet. Oh sigh... He was nice enough to save some dinner for me.. I was almost too lazy to go over, because I had to bring my own laptop so that I can do whatever I want while he do his work. He was so nice to offer to come over to "pick" me up and carry my stuff. And the night was so so so so cold. How to refuse? Shit... He even fed me dinner.. Sounds sweet huh? Am I too soft hearted? Oh sigh again... Or am I just being over sensitive? Oh sigh again...

But I guess I will never understand certain things. I still have so many things to learn. Maybe I shouldn't trust people so easily... nono.. I shouldn't say that, I should just be a bit more wary about my surroudings here.

Felicia Cho (just in case ppl dont know who I'm talking about, she's a good friend in the hot salsa scene.) just called me to check if I was ok. Yeah, of course I'm ok. Just a little sad when i find out things that I'm not supposed to find out... Just like the song "I've never been to me", the line "I've seen some things that I ain't suppose to see". But I already saw it. How? Hai...

I'm so lazy to do my programming.. hahaha.. shit... :P But I guess I will manage it tomorrow and over the weekend.. BLEAH..... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dont know what kind of stupid feeling I'm feelign now also.. SIGHzzz.. Loved, confused, frustrated? haiiiiiiiiiiiiii I wish I'm more perfect...

What's the meaning of this? Tell me someone...

I really don't know what I have done. Why does someone you love needs to hide things from you? Do I have to find it out myself? I'm feeling quite hurt at the moment. Is it so shameful to be with me? Ok, I admit I'm not the prettiest or sexiest girl around. I don't have the 33-24-33 kind of figure. No I don't have the height 170cm. Ok, fine, I don't have all these, then why ask me? I have feelings too. I'm supposed to feel secure. Yeah, I do feel some love sometimes, but I don't feel the security.. What should I do? Why does all my relationship end up like that? I HATE it.. Did we rush in too quickly? FARK.......................................

Shit, my eyes are so red... And no.. I won't cry. I won't cry for any guy. No way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Crazy Melbourne Weather...

It was a HOT and SUNNY weather yesterday, 30+ degrees. And at night it was still quite warm, at 20 degrees. I had to on the fan to sleep. Imagine that... and today... it's a cool and wet day.. at 24 degrees and now, night time.. it's a freaking 11 degreese.. How crazy is that?

The night is so cold. I was so cold standing waiting for the security bus to send me home after lecture just now. The bus made me waited for 45 mins. If I know that the bus will take so long, I would have walked home. At least I only need to take 30 mins to walk home. :S

Gees, I've been thinking in lecture that I wanna wake up early tomorrow to go jogging. I need to lose those extra flabs man.. aiming for a 33-24/25-33 kind of body.. someone like it. :( sighz.. oh well.. I've cut down my snacking too.. Except that I have ice cream in my freezer now. opps.. :P 2 tubs somemore... 1 is dearie's and 1 is mine.. wah ahahahhaha

Shit, I'm a little hungry now, but I don't feel like eating.. how how how?? Shall I go to sleep? hahaha.. maybe ha... talk finish to pheli on Msn via web cam first.. hehehe.. so fun.. :P

Long time no BLOG! And Blogger has been pronouced as BURGER by DARLING.. haha

Sheesh, I haven't been updating my blog at all. Basically, last week I was packed with doing all my stupid assignments. Oh well, I'm glad that now I'm left with one more assignment.

The temperature went up to 30 degrees yesterday man... Was so hot, the sun was up, and the wind blew all the warm air. Was so so tired, the night before stayed at Darling's place to help with part of his assignment. Well, he helped me with another of my assignment mah... Oh well.. I didn't do much really, he still did most of the work. :( *so useless* Tried to take an afternoon nap, instead of waking up feeling better, I felt even worse. Had a BIG HEADACHE. I still had to cook dinner.. bleah... Cooked corn with carrot and onions soup, double boiled with chicken bone and black pepper beef. Darling still managed to sleep through the HOT afternoon. :S *piggy*

At night was spent doing my data communication presentation, while Darling did his documentation for his project. Of course, I helped him a little by correct his "PURRRRFECT" English. hehehe... Somehow we slept only at 4am in the morning. Documentation may seem easy but it is the most tedious part of the project.

Today isn't a very good day for me. Woke up and had to do this project reflections for Darling, print my presentation slides and handouts which gave me so much problems. And I didn't even get to print out my lecture notes for today somemore. Sigh... I guess the presentation was not too bad. But still... Oh well, didn't do as well as I wanted, coz I'm so so so so so sleepy.. Thanx to SOMEONE... An hour and a half later, had this system security test. I think I didn't do as well too.. didn't study finish. :( On the slightly brighter side, I scored a reasonable score for my presentation in system security.

Am currently at block K of uni, waiting for the next lecture to start. Saw Mel and Eunice going for lecture. Yeah... That means, I'm typing this blog to pass time. Haha... Using Darling's laptop. My laptop cannot be brought to Uni anymore. :( Coz keyboard not working properly. :( And stupid Darling is smelling me as if he is a MAN *Actually like a curious little puppy*. Don't know.. So "pian tai".. hahaha..

Oh k... lah... he thinks I'm insulting him *yup, he's beside me now..* but I'm just saying that he's cute? haaha... oh welll..... that's all for now I guess...

Friday, October 08, 2004

Sunday 3 October...

Lets see.. Daring slept until it was time for lunch. haha.. I prepared bak kut teh and french beans with carrots and red pepper. Was glad that Darling like it.. The bak kut teh was really nice. Boil the pork for some hours so that the flavour could come out. but the french beans was a little too oil because I didn't look propery.. bleah...

I did some documentation for my software engineering assignment. Almost completed them... I think Darling went home to bathe... and i really cannot remember liao. hahahaha

Thursday, October 07, 2004

KTV on 2 Oct, Saturday!

Darling spent the night at my place this time. Well, I woke up at about 11am and darling was still sleeping. I went to Carnegie market alone because I had nothing to cook in my fridge. Darling just continued sleeping *pig*

Bought some chicken wings, diced beef, pork chop, red pepper, corn, onions, carrots, chai xin, ka na and french beans. So heavy. :( Had to log them all the way back home. Bought lunch home, hainanese chicken rice for dear and char siew rice for myself. I didn't do much work... Dear and I started to fall asleep again.. hahaha.. afternoon nappy. :P

Woke up slightly later, went to Raymond's place with Mel to go KTV at Boxhill with Raymond(duhz), Tricia and Jo. Edwin couldn't join us in the end. He had to do assignments. Oh well.. Raymond let me drive his car from his place, Lygon Street, to Boxhill. Felt good driving again.

Had dinner at this Korean BBQ place at Boxhil, but we didn't BBQ because we didn't want to smell of food later. :P We share a bowl of miso veggie soup, chicken and pork. Was good, kinda ex though. Spent $11.40 there.

This time we started KTV earlier than the last time. We started the ball rolling at 8.30pm. Jo almost couldn't get into KTV because she couldn't prove that she was 18. :( The irritating people there say she cannot go in unless she got prove that she's of near our age. Bleah... They didn't believe that she was in Monash unless she showed her ID card. Oh sighz... Oh well.. in the end, Tricia somemore left her re-enrolment letter in her bag. Haha.. So Jo showed that to them saying that she's from Monash too. Haha.. Heng Singapore only allow above 18 to enter the university. :P

KTV was good.. Over ordered the food and drinks. :S Most of us wasn't in form too. Oh well, was still a good time spent.

Raymond allowed me to drive again.. hehe.. to send Mel and Tricia home, then let me drive home. By the time I reached home, dearie, who spent the evening at Jason's place had dinner and don't know what else they did, was waiting for me at home. Yeah, he had my keys for that evening.

Oops... Lets see.. Back to Friday 1 October 2004

Haha.. I haven't blog for so long liao.. Cannot remember what I did also... I think Friday was not such a happening day as the other days.

Lets see, I spent the night at Darling's place.. Slept till lunch time. If I remember correctly, he cooked lunch. But I don't remember what we had. LOL... Darling had to go to uni for some project meeting at about 2pm and I went home to call the Toshiba support office in Melbourne. In summary, they said I had to bring my laptop to the place and let them analyse what's wrong with the laptop. Oh well... Kinda shitty, the place is about 1.5 hours away from my place. And I don't know where the place is. Ppl have been telling me drive there.. Yeah right, do I know the roads here well? hmmm... I will wait until week 13 or so when my assignments are all completed, then I will go with Lawrence who also need to repair his laptop.

After calling the support people, I went to Carnegie to buy a USB keyboard. If not I do not need to do my assignments already. Haha.. Oh well...... I bought a thumb drive too. To replace the one that I lost. :( In total I spent $18 on the keyboard and $70 on the 256mb thumb drive. Went to Safeway to get some of Darling's favourite Allen's mints and bought Tim Tam too. Wanted to know how it taste like. hee.. Oh.. bought "xiao bai chai" to cook for dinner too.

I can't remember what I did. Remember helping Phelicia to add her friend's blog into her blog page as well as adding a tag board so that people can comment. But time passed by really fast. I cooked pork for dinner.. so sad, darling didn't like it. :( Oh well.... I think I ended up watching TV while Darling used my computer space... and later.. we had our couply time. ;)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Boring Thursday... Made interesting by dear in the end...

Thursday... Lets see.. By the time I woke up, it was almost lunch time. Cooked veggies and made the sauages and burger patties hot. And tada! That was lunch. Dear woke up at 1pm and we had lunch together.

I was suppose to meet Erandhi at 2pm, but I reached uni at 2.30pm. :S OH well... We spent the whole afternoon discussing the documentation for SDI and redoing the GUI for stage 2. Oh well.. At the end, my eyes were quite sore.. Erandhi's were really sore. She wasn't used to it. I won't be surprise if my degree goes up again. :(

Dear went to uni to play table tennis, naturally, I went to look for him to go home together. He and Jason were playing against some other people. I could smell sweat around.. but don't know who's sweat was it. Wasn't Dear's.. He didn't sweat at all. Oh well.. :S

We walked a different route to Carnegie. Went by a DARK route. LOL.. Ok.. The lights are not that strong.. Oh well, I feel safe. :P Walked passed a lot of houses, saw nice, ugly houses. LOL..

Went to Safeway first to buy some ready to eat breakfast, bread, dish washing liquid, laundry powder, milk and some other personal stuff. After which, we went to Sunny's for dinner. I had "sheng mian" while Dear had Tom Yam Noodles soup. Dinner was good.. went well with tea.

And shit... on the way home, my bag slip off my shoulder. :( My laptop is inside.. and guess what.. the keyboard is bonkas. :'( Went to Dear's place over night to use him comp... and feeling sore.... But he was always nice to make me feel happy... We share supper too. Was nice.. oh well.. that's the day for Thurs... :S

Lunch at Merry's place...

Opps... I haven't been updating for 3 days already? Oh well... I guess I have to make whatever I remember!

Yup, I want to record everything possible that is happening in my life in Melbourne. ;) All the sweet and good moments.

Lets see, on Wednesday, Tjun came over to my place to "pick" me up. And we left my house at 10.45am because I wasn't really ready yet. :( Was trying to calculate my expenses. Gees.. I really spent a lot this month. :(

On our way to Caulfield, we met Jason and walked together. When we reached Caulfield, Merry wasn't there yet. Alan was patiently waiting for all of us. Went to Coles to buy some drinks and snacks to Merry's. Merry finally arrived at 11.30am and we took a tram to her place. We were all really very hungry because we didn't eat breakfast. Was such a long walk to her place from the tram stop where we stopped. :S Oh well...

Merry is quite a cook! She prepared coca cola chicken, seasame oil chicken with brocollis and cauliflower, carrots and snow peas, and beef rendang. Was really nice.. but too much food... On top of that, Alan cooked Klang Bak Kut Teh. Was good.. Different from Singapore style. Klang Bak Kut Teh has different kind of mushrooms in it as well as adding herbs on top of the spice packet. There were so so so so so so much food. I really ate till the brim. Almost felt like vomitting. And there were still left overs! sheesh.. I took away 3 pieces of the coca cola chicken. Merry returned me a packet of chips that I bought because she also couldn't finish it. Oh well...

By the time we left Merry's place, it was already 3.15pm. We took the tram down to Carnegie. Tjun and Jason tried their luck not to buy a tram ticket. Because it was going to be only a 10 min ride and was not worth buying a full 2 hour ticket. I validated my met card. Yeah.. Who knows, the Met ppl were on the TRAM! Sheesh, Jason immediately went to buy a ticket. Poor Tjun didn't have enough coins. :( I also ran out of coins. Dearie and I got of the tram and Tjun went to a pizza store to buy a drink just to get coins to buy the tram ticket. :S Oh well...

When we reach Carnegie, we walked around to look for table tennis balls. Went to the Prince Entertainment Center and bought 3 - 3 stars balls for A$8. Madness... Oh well, it was a good ball. :S *Stilll.... sheesh*

We went over to my place for Jason to pass the photos from Puffing Billy to me. He then left Dear and me alone. Oh well... We took a rest... was so so full from lunch. I prepared Dearie some dinner - rice and sauages and burger patties (from BBQ). I didn't eat. Was too full.. Almost had gastric though.. But couldn't eat.. too full. :S

The night was sweet still in the end.. *details spared* LOL...