Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sweet day yeseterday

Alright, I was suppose to write my blog last night. But, was talking to boyfriend, and hmmm will not say details. Oh well.. :P

Yeah, yesterday was a good day. Woke up in the morning, I had to shower, and changed. Oh.. I had my back rubbed with moisturiser for the first time. :) Had to put on make up.. blue eye shadow, cause boyfriend wanted me to. Oh well.. He looked really good. Black polo tee and this khaki pants. But the look had to be spoilt by his jacket. :S

Oh well, we were suppose to head to City for lunch, but ended up at Sunny's (Carnegie) because we left my place at 2pm. Yup, the eating places closes at 3pm for lunch. Sheesh, not like Singapore, you can find food 24/7. I had tom yam soup while he had roasted duck rice. Lunch was on me... :)

We took the train and stopped at Melbourne Central Station. Walked around Melbourne Central, and I saw clothes clothes and more clothes. Sheesh... Our main suppose was to find Merry a nice birthday present. We walked almost the whole city and couldn't find anything! Along the way, I bought 3 bottles of essence oil, green apple, eucaplytus and orange sweet, and a box of tealight candles which can burn up to 9 hours. Oh.... bought something for Pheli and Chinny.. Oh well... Can't say here.. :P

He bought some MDs and a CD-RW. The MDs are for Jason "Ge" and the CD-RW for me. To replace the one that he took from me...

Man, I saw a nice bag and a earring and necklance set. I like it.. but... OH well.. I can't buy it for myself. I'll definitely go back to City to get it.

Went to the Shanghai Dumpling place for dinner, had some noodles and dumplings. Cannot finish.. haa.. oh well.. Take away.. Cannot let good food go to waste.

Back to our main purpose of going to the City. We finally got Merry's present from Crown. Can't say what we got, just in case Merry reads this. :D Really nice present. I really think that Merry will like it. :) After which, we shared a cone of Choco Chip Vanilla Ice Cream. Wasn't the best ice cream, it was just a craving. Oh well...

At night.. hmm my houesmate Ika, reminded me of the Melbourne Show today. We are leaving the house at 12noon. haa.. and the night details.. will be spared in this blog.. :D Oh.. My boyfriend wants to me say in this blog that he's very strong. Hmmm. BLEAH...

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