Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sunday was a KAMAKAZE day... LOL...

Haha.. It was fun at the Melbourne Show. Sat on Mega Drop, Ghost Train and Swing. Boyfriend sat on the Mega Drop and Ghost Train with me, and he sat on Kamakaze.

The Mega Drop is the ride where the machine take us up to 400+++meters and drop us at 204km/hour. The scenery was FANTASTIC, but that I was so so scare. You have no idea... It's just like sitting on the seat with a seat belt and going up to a high level. Sheesh, I'm having cold sweat as I'm typing this. Just imagine the fright.. And when it drop us, I was like SHIT! I couldn't find my butt on my seat. I was like floating in air with the seat belt holding me down. haha... imagine... :P Ghost train was boring.. held my boyfriend so tight, and only had one fright, a boo out of no where, and the rest were just 3D images of skeletons and ghostly figures which didn't move. :S Swing was just like sitting on the swing, but was quite scary when we went higher and higher and the ride turned round and round. I was hanging on to my dear life, coz it was quite scary, though don't look that scary when you're looking at it.

Haha.. the funniest part was the Kamakaze. I refused to take it with my boyfriend. hehe.. coz is was SUPER scary! It was like Top Gun in Singapore during the fairs that we have. The ride just went in 360 degree circles for about 3 mins. Sheesh, it was DAMN bloody scary. Was outside standing and saw my boyfriend screaming. Haha. So cute.. When he came out, he was having jelly legs.. LOL. :P

We spent money like water that day. Entrance fee was $15 for students. The ride for Mega Drop was $7.50, Ghost Train was $4, Swing was $5 and Kamakaze was $5. All per person prices. Sheesh, and we played this ball game where we had to throw the rubber ball into the bucket 2 times to win a soft toy. And we spent $10 on it. Damn, and not winning anything. :( Bought a bucket of Candy Floss.. Yummy.. but it was $8.50. :S

Went to the City, Chinatown(where the best food are) to the Shanghainese restaurant, we shared a bowl of hot and sour noodles, large plate of "xiao bai chai" and wine chicken. And dinner was $17.

After dinner, we went to the Asian Grocery, hoping to buy some pork bones so that I can boil soup, but no more.. :( Bought some raisin biscults, a bottle of Pokka green tea ($3.50 man...) and a can of luncheon meat and vegetarian food each. We passed by a chinese bakery, and dear just had the craving for egg tarts, so we bought the 3 egg tarts. That was what was left in the bakery. We went to another shop to buy a snow skinned mooncake too. Pandan flavour. Was nice.. yummy and I bought some dried Philipine's mangoes. The mangoes didn't taste as nice. Oh well, maybe I bought the not nice ones. :D

That's all for Sunday... Next blog will be on Puffing Billy Trip. ;)

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