Friday, September 24, 2004

Nice day today

Oh well, it's a nice day today. My boyfriend finally msged me last night after my lesson, "Dear, when ur class end?" You have no idea how happy I was last night. Called him up, and he was playing table tennis with his buddy, Jason. Gees... And last night was so so cold. And he put his arm around my shoulder. Such a nice warm feeling.

We talked about some of things things that went wrong. Was quite angry with myself that I was such a stupid programmer. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong course. :( I just HATE programming. But I'm alright with the other IT stuff. Oh well... I'm definitely not going to take a programming elective next semester.

Alright, yesterday was not a very good day neither was a bad day. I just had this stupid problem with my stomach. Kept going to the toilet. Slowed me down in doing my work. And stupid JBuilder, so not user friendly. Ok lah, was my fault that I started doing the assignment late. But I had no choice. Have been so packed with other assignments. No, I haven't been packed dating. hmmm...

Oh well, after lecture last night, I met him. *Happy happy* We went to Malaya Cafe because someone hadn't had his dinner. After which, we caught the security bus and went to my place. And started talking out. Seems that everything is fine now.

He just left for his ITPM tutorial after eating his noodles. Almost left without breakfast because he couldn't wake up. Haha.. Oh well, who else had to cook his noodles? bleah, eat liao, leave the bowl there, went to wash his face and brush teeth. Then go. hmmm What does it sound like? haaa... Oh well...


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