Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mooncake Fest BBQ and pretty little lanterns.. *hee*

Wow, I've diligently updated my blog for the whole week! I don't think I can update myself that often when uni reopens. Oh well...

Lets see... Yesterday... haha.. I shall start from the morning. Spent the night at dear's place and we were suppose to go to Carnegie market place to buy some bread and food to cook. But I woke up at 12noon and dear woke up at 12+pm I think.. :D I was suppose to buy some pork bones to cook "Bak Kut Teh" for lunch. But... haha.. too late.. :S Dear in the end, yeah he cooked lunch, cooked some noodles for lunch while I was blogging the day before's event. The noodles were not that bad, but wasn't fantastic. But was edible, I would say that it was cooked with love. He was so funny when he asked me what to put in the noodles, because he had so much meat in his freezer. Have no idea why he bought so much and never cook them. Hmm.. Lets see, he has pork, beef and chicken in his freezer. Not forgetting his chicken burger patties and fries.

Have no idea that the day was spent away so fast. We finish lunch at 3.30pm. I did the washing up. And it started to rain. Sheesh... I was suppose to head home to do some work, but... Oh well, we chatted, brought his laundry in and we chatted and... blah blah blah... :P

Well, his laundry was still so wet. That was a problem, because he had nothing else to wear. We had a mooncake party to go to. He decided to bring his laundry to my place to use my laundry dryer. Most of his clothes became dry after using it, but his pull overs were still alittle damp. We didn't leave my place til it was about 7pm. Thanx to the rainy weather, delayed everything including the BBQ.

Reached Tricia's and Mel's place at 7.40pm. And the BBQ haven't really started. Fire started, but it was difficult to cook the food. It was still drizzling. I thought I was a little crazy last night, went out in the open without my jacket. Wasn't cold though it was 12 degrees and raining last night. I guess I have too much fats in me that's why.

Gosh, the food was good man. Thanx to Raymond who did the marinating. Of course credits goes to Tricia, Mel and Jo too, for helping out in the marinating. Raymond is really a good cook. Haha.. oops.. I feel a little shame that a guy cooks better than me. :S We had chilli "sotong", lemonpepper with orange salmon, garlic with wine prawns, chicken wing(he didn't want to tell me his secret :( ), beef which was only seasoned with salt and pepper and it was amazingly juicy and tasty, sauages and Tricia's potato salad. What a feast I tell you... I ate like a glutton. Haha.. Oh well.. cannot let good food go to waste. :P

We had mooncakes from Johor, Malaysia too. Courtesy of Siong Yin. There were green tea, 5 nuts and lotus ones. They were nice. Oh man, for the first time I saw Eunice so greedy! She popped in 2 pieces into her mouth man. Sheesh... :D Like so scare ppl would take the mooncake away from her hands. LOL... Oh, Rachel and Nichola (Tricia's and Raymond's coursemates) made jellies. Not bad, red bean and strawberries ones. Something that I have not eaten before.

Oh, Yi Hong did the cleaning of all the plates and pots and almost washed Tricia's toilet too. :D Tricia meant it as a joke. Wow.. :P Alright, Lawrence, Raymond and Tjun cleared the pit. The girls just brought back the left overs of the BBQ to the house. I felt a little bad, I didn't really clean up anything, except to bring back stuff and carry the table back. :(

After cleaning up, Tricia, Eunice, Lawrence, Tjun and I decide to go for our little lantern walk. :D Tjun and I had the orange ones, Tricia held the green one, Eunice took the yellow one and Lawrence Uncle wanted to hold the little kiddy orange one. Haha.. :P was a good scroll down the street of Waverly Road. Just the 5 of us talking crap. It was good to take a walk after a heavy dinner. Oh well..

A pity that Rachel and Nichola left a little early, because the mooncakes that Raymond bought were really nice. They were not too sweet, and not bad.. There were yam, durian and lotus paste ones. I brought home the multi nuts ones, which were not cut, because we couldn't finish. The mooncakes came with little "china" boxes, quite pretty, got each of the colours except the black one, perfect for putting in jewelleries or any girly stuff.

Dear Raymond gave us a lift home again. :) Was really a good mooncake festival last night. The best one I've been I guess, because I don't really celebrate mooncake festival back in Singapore.

Getting fatter day by day,

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