Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Monday - A trip to Williams Santuary and Puffying Billy

After playing so much on Sunday, dearie had a BIG problem waking up on Monday morning. We had to be in Uni by 9.15am, and I had to wake up at 7am, so that I can wash up and bathe finish by 7.30am, let the bathroom re-generate the hot water for half an hour so that dear can wash up at 8am. :( But he only woke up at 8.15am. While I had to cook his breakfast - noodles with fishballs, "chai xin" and fried egg. I stole some fishballs though... :P We left my place at 8.45am. and reach our destination at 9.15am. Oh well... I had the left over egg tarts from the day before. :)

We gave Merry's her birthday present - shared between Alan, Jason, Dear and Me. Was glad that she liked it. It was a gorgeous pair of earrings and necklance with 2 star shaped pendants. :) Oh... not forgetting the expensive birthday card. haha...

Our first destination of the trip was Williams Santuary. It was an hour's journey and I felt pukish. Luckily I had the dried mangoes with me to curb the feeling. It was quite a boring place at first. Was nothing but walking routes. Later then we discovered beautiful scultures of Aboriginals. Some of which was quite obscene, but that was the way of life of the people who used to stay there. The Aboriginals no longers stayed in Mt Dandenong. That's because modern people had been deforesting the place to get timber. That place is now a reserved nature park. Took a lot of pictures - group pictures as well as couple pictures. The photographer for the day were Alan and Jason. :) We spent an hour at the Williams Santuary.

Later, we headed for Puffing Billy, which is located at Belgrave. We could actually take the train ourselves and make our way there. Then again, it was not worth doing that, because the train tickets for Puffing Billy was close to A$30. :( We only paid $15 for the whole trip which includes a BBQ at Lake Emarald.

In Puffing Billy, we just had stupid talks, sit on the windows with our legs swinging out. Was great fun, will post the pictures when I have them. :) But it was an hour's ride. We reached our final destination, Lake Emarald at 1.40pm. Boy I was sooo starved. Being the "KIASU" Singaporean, I went to "chop" seats. But the China gang were faster than me, because Dear, Jason and Alan, were so slow to sit down. They were busy with what I also don't know. Maybe ogling at girls? hahaha.. :P Oh well, the BBQ had coleslaw, pasta salad, sauages and burger patties. I ate till I was so so full. Didn't really like it as I was craving for hot soups. Hee.. :P Oh, the left over of the BBQ, Vinny - our Monash International Officer, who organised the event, was nice enough to allow me to take away the food. :P *Free food... *

After lunch, we went to walk around Lake Emarald. Was like Botanical Gardens of Singapore. But this time, the weather is nice and cool and quieter too. Took pictures there again. haha.. OH well.. we left Lake Emarald in our coach at 4pm. :)

Was a nice pleasand and peaceful day. Went home, cooked steak for dinner for boyfriend and made my boyfriend go to heaven. That's what he want to me to say in the blog lah. haha.. so... hmmm I pampered him to sleep. OH well... I didn't have dinner.. wasn't hungry... full lunch. :P had some Jam Drops though.

Ok... Time to have my lunch now. Dearie cooked noodles... And he says it's super nice. Shall go and taste it now.

Adious for now!

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